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Minimum Amount
Maximum Amount
Interest Payment Method
Direct Credit
Penalties for Early Withdrawal
There will be a $40 administration charge as well as an interest rate reduction on early withdrawal: If you take any money out of your Term Deposit Account before the end of the term, the interest rate you receive will only be half of the interest rate that is set out in your Term Deposit details. The reduced rate will apply for the whole period from the day your account is opened to the day you take money out of your account. If you have already been paid interest at the full rate the principal amount payable to you when we close the account will be reduced to put you in the same position as if interest on the amount deposited had been reduced by 50% for the whole time the Account was open. The above reduction in interest rate applies to Term Deposit accounts in Australian and Foreign Currencies and are the AUD equivalent in the currency of the account when converted.
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Compare 200 other Term Deposits

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