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Need a credit card for your business?

Business credit cards are a handy way to track expenses while keeping business and personal spending separate.

There are all kinds of business credit cards, with some offering rewards, complimentary insurance and other perks.

Our comparison table shows the features, fees and rewards offered by a range of banks and credit unions to help make an informed decision.

Card Name Purchase Rate Max Free Days Introductory Purchase Rate Balance Transfer Rate Annual Fee Rewards Program Available? First Year Cost Comparison* Click on the column heading to sort
Commonwealth Corporate Credit Card - Residentially Secured Option 6.55% 0 $40 $237
Commonwealth Business Credit Card - Residentially Secured Card 6.55% 0 $40 $237
Business Credit Card 6.85% 55 $40 $246
Heritage Visa Business Secured 10.65% 40 $45 $365
Newcastle Permanent Business+ Credit Card 11.99% 44 $55 $415
Commonwealth Business Credit Card - Commerical Security 12.50% 0 $40 $415
Commonwealth Corporate Credit Card - Commercial Security 12.50% 0 $40 $415
Heritage Visa Business Unsecured 12.95% 40 $45 $434
Bankwest Business MasterCard Low Rate 13.25% 45 0%12 mths $39 $39
ANZ Business One Visa Low Rate 14.26% 0 $150 $578
Commonwealth Business Credit Card - Low Rate (Unsecured) Option 14.55% 0 0%5 mths $0 $255
BusinessVantage Visa Card 17.15% 55 $55 $570
BankSA Visa Business Card 17.15% 55 $55 $570
BusinessVantage Visa Card 17.15% 55 $55 $570
Commonwealth Business Credit Card - Interest Free Days Option 17.57% 55 0%5 mths $60 $367
ANZ Business One Visa Interest Free Days 17.74% 55 $150 $682
Bankwest Corporate MasterCard 17.99% 50 0%12 mths $39 $39
Bankwest Business MasterCard Large Rewards 18.50% 55 $99 $654
ANZ Business One Visa Rewards Options 18.99% 40 $150 $720
ANZ Business Black 18.99% 55 $450 $1020

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*The First Year Cost Comparison is the total interest payable over one year on a monthly outstanding balance of $3,000 plus the credit card’s annual fee. Introductory purchase rate offers and balance transfer offers are taken into account where applicable.

**The Spend required is based on the approximate everyday spending needed to redeem a $100 gift card or a return flight from Sydney to Melbourne from the rewards program, given the credit card’s point earning capability. For rewards programs that do not have a set number of points to redeem flights, the approximate spend is based on a $300 travel voucher. Bonus point offers and point capping are not included in the calculation.

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