Premium or gold/platinum and black credit cards?

Gold, black and platinum credit cards offer more perks and features than regular cards. These usually include higher credit limits, free insurance policies, rewards programs with better rates, better promotions, purchase protection and extended warranty policies.

Black credit cards are the most exclusive of these types of cards: with a black credit card you will receive superior perks and rewards.

Black credit cards offer a level of exclusivity that other cards do not possess. In order to be considered for a Black card you need to spend considerable amounts of money (in the tens of thousands of dollars) on the card throughout the year.

As stated, these perks do come at a cost so make sure to look at all annual fees and charges before deciding which premium credit card is right for you.

Gold and platinum credit cards carry status and benefits not usually available with standard cards. From frequent flyer points to insurance or concierge services, the rewards are typically dependent on how much you spend, and the cards often come with a higher annual fee.

We can help you find the rewards you want at a price that suits your budget. Simply use our comparison table to review the features, benefits and fees associated with different gold and platinum credit cards from a range of banks and credit unions.