Discover the median sale price for properties in the area, suburb growth figures, as well as nearby planning and development applications. InfoChoice’s property report provides data on more than 1.3 million properties across Australia.

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Benefits of a free comprehensive property report

Here are some of the key benefits of using a free property report in Australia:

1. Accurate price data

One of the most significant advantages of a free property report is that it provides accurate price data. It includes information about the previous sale price of the property, its current market value, and recent comparable sales in the area. This data can help buyers and sellers make informed decisions about the property's value and negotiate a fair price.

It’s often hard to get solid price information from listings and from agents, but this will help you make a better informed buying or selling decision.

2. Sales history

A free property report also provides detailed sales history, which can be useful for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can use this information to gauge how long the property has been on the market and its selling history, while sellers can use it to see how their property compares to others in the area.

Sales history also gives an insight as to how long previous vendors have held the property for, and might give an insight as to why a vendor is selling. It also allows you to calculate the property price growth over the years.

3. Days on market

The report also includes information on the number of days the property has been on the market. This data can help buyers and sellers understand how long similar properties have taken to sell in the area, which can be useful in determining a reasonable offer or price.

For buyers, properties that have spent a long time on market may open the floor up for negotiation, while fewer days may indicate a hot market and that you'll need to act quickly.

4. Property features

A free property report also includes detailed information about the property's features, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the property, and any additional features like a pool or garage.

This information can be useful for buyers who are looking for specific features in a property and useful for vendors to see if their property stacks up to others in the neighbourhood. A property with only two bedrooms in a family-oriented suburb might not fetch as high a price as a three or four bedroom property, for example.

5. Comparable sales

Another benefit of a free property report is that it provides information on comparable sales in the area. This data allows buyers and sellers to see how the property compares to others that have recently sold in the same area. It can help buyers determine a fair offer for the property, and it can help sellers set a realistic asking price.

This can be especially useful if a property is going to auction, as in many jurisdictions, price guides can’t be provided for auctioned properties, nor can the reserve be publicly disclosed before it’s reached on auction day.

6. Property history

The free property report also includes information on the property's history, such as any major renovations or repairs that have been made. This data can help buyers and sellers understand the property's condition and any potential issues that may need to be addressed.

Property is one of the rare investments in Australia where value can be added to it - through renovations. For buyers and sellers this could give an indication as to the value-add that renovations can provide. Major repair history may also give an indication as to if it was affected by a natural disaster such as a flood.

7. Neighbourhood information

Finally, a free property report also includes information on the neighbourhood, such as median house prices, demographics, and local amenities. This information can be useful for buyers who are unfamiliar with the area and want to know more about the neighborhood's features and characteristics.

Neighbourhood information also gives an insight as to the overall liveability of the area. For example, commuters might like the area if it has good bus links or a train station close by. Similarly, a train station nearby might not be the best for peace and quiet. Further, catchment zones of popular schools can also potentially drive up property prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

InfoChoice’s free property report can be a valuable tool for individuals interested in buying or selling a property in Australia. It provides comprehensive information about a specific property, including its sales history, price data, days on the market, and more. This is all delivered straight to your inbox.

It may not include all the information you need to make a fully informed decision about a property, and some of the data may be outdated or incomplete. Reports essentially rely on agents and relevant state bodies providing accurate data.

Additionally, free property reports may not be available for all properties. However, a free property report can still be a useful tool for getting a general idea of a property's worth and history.

InfoChoice Property Reports are developed and provided by independent property analytics firm CoreLogic.