Let’s take a look at what makes NAB’s credit card line up stand out against other banks’ offerings.

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NAB has numerous credit cards on offer to suit customers with various needs, from a low interest offering to an ultimate rewards card boasting a $15,000 minimum limit. 

For the frequent flyers among us, NAB also has credit cards that earn Qantas points and others that earn NAB Rewards Points, two of which can be converted into one Virgin Velocity point. 

Low interest, no interest, and low fee credit card options

NAB offers three low interest or low fee credit card products, each with various features. 

It has two low fees cards: Its NAB Low Fee Card and its NAB Low Fee Platinum Card. The former comes with a $30 annual fee and a $1,000 minimum credit limit while the latter comes with a $90 annual fee and a $6,000 minimum credit limit. Both offer 44 interest free days on purchases and don’t offer rewards. 

The NAB Low Rate Card, on the other hand, demands a $59 annual fee, has a $1,000 minimum credit limit, and up to 55 interest free days on purchases. While it doesn’t offer rewards, the interest rate charged on outstanding balances is notably lower than that on all the bank’s other credit cards. 

Finally, the NAB StraightUp Card doesn’t charge a customer interest on purchases. Rather, it demands a monthly fee (dependent on the card’s credit limit) and a minimum monthly repayment.

NAB Rewards cards

The bank also offers a number of credit cards that can earn a customer points towards various rewards programs. Let’s start with NAB Rewards.

There are two credit cards that can provide NAB Rewards, the  NAB Rewards Platinum  Card and the NAB Rewards Signature Card. The former demands a $195 annual fee and comes with a $6,000 minimum credit limit, while the latter comes with a $295 annual fee and a $15,000 minimum credit limit. Spending on the Signature Rewards Card will accrue more points than that on the Platinum Rewards Card. 

NAB Rewards points can be redeemed on the NAB Rewards Store for goods, cash, other rewards points (such as Velocity points), and more, or via Webjet.

If that’s not your scene, the bank also offers two consumer credit cards that accrue Qantas points: The NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Card and the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card. They come with annual fees of $250 and $395 respectively and minimum credit limits of $6,000 and $15,000. 

Credit limits

Aside from the bank’s StraightUp card, none of its credit cards come with hard maximum credit limits. Though, the majority do demand a minimum credit limit. 

The minimum credit limit on its low rate and low interest cards is $1,000, while its rewards cards offer limits of $6,000 or $15,000, depending on the card. 

Credit card fees

The majority of NAB credit cards come at the cost of an annual fee, with the exception of the StraightUp card. Those fees vary from $30 (NAB Low Fee Card) to $395 (NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card). 

The majority of NAB credit cards will likely also charge fees for international transactions, cash advances, and late payments. The latter charge is around $15.