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Brooke Cooper joined the InfoChoice Group in 2023. She previously wrote for the Motley Fool, covering topics such as share prices, companies, and IPOs. With interests in everyday finance and wealth, Brooke is passionate about educating Aussies - especially young adults - on all things money.

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Brooke Cooper

What is a Green Home Loan?

There are plenty of benefits to owning an energy efficient home, and the potential to access a cheaper green home loan is one of them.

19 hour(s) ago
Brooke Cooper

Term deposit providers jostle to offer market-leading rates

While all eyes were on the Federal Budget this week, many term deposit market leaders shook up their interest rates...

17 May 2024
Brooke Cooper

2024-2025 Federal Budget: What it means for your finances

The 2024 Federal Budget was, as promised, one of “relief, restraint, and reform”.

14 May 2024
Brooke Cooper

Macquarie & mutual banks hike home loan rates following RBA hold

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) might have kept rates on hold, but plenty of banks and lenders tightened their ...

10 May 2024
Brooke Cooper

New term deposit market-leaders emerge amid predictions of cash rate hikes

As one market leader retreats in the niche seven-month term deposit space, another takes the lead in the specialised five-year term segment, and a new ...

03 May 2024
Brooke Cooper

CommBank & Bendigo Bank-backed lenders shake up the mortgage space

Considering buying a new property? There’s been good news from CommBank’s competitively-priced digital ...

12 Apr 2024
Brooke Cooper

The Mac & Bank First slash home loan interest rates

Growing anticipation of a cash rate cut appears to have driven more lenders to slash fixed rates, offering an advan...

28 Mar 2024
Brooke Cooper

Term deposit rates slashed following upside unemployment surprise

This week's data appears to have dampened the likelihood of further cash rate hikes, meaning term deposit interest rate cuts might be a theme of 2024.

16 Feb 2024
Brooke Cooper

Refinancing Your Home Loan For a Car

Many borrowers might ask the question: Is it possible (and worthwhile) to increase your home loan to purchase a new set of wheels?

29 Jan 2024
Brooke Cooper

How to buy a new or used car

The process of finding a set of wheels you like, negotiating with dealers or sellers, financing its purchase, and driving it away can be complex. Though, it ...

16 Jan 2024
Brooke Cooper

Avoiding mortgage stress: How much of your income should go towards repayments?

More Australians than ever before are at risk of mortgage stress: A whopping 1.5 million, according to Roy Morgan.

09 Jan 2024
Brooke Cooper

Retail sales soar 2%: Will Black Friday bother the RBA next month?

Australians flocked in Black Friday sales, bolstering retail turnover 2% to $36.5 billion in November 2023, the latest ABS data shows.

09 Jan 2024