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Bernadette is a journalist with years of experience covering topics in macroeconomics, real estate, and lifestyle beats for notable print media organisations. She joined the InfoChoice Group in 2024, bringing her passion for writing stories that help Australians make better decisions about money.

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Bernadette Lunas

Choosing the Right Bank for Your Home Loan: Key Considerations

Selecting the right bank for your home loan can significantly impact your financial future. Here are the essential factors t...

Bernadette Lunas

Scant term deposit movements following RBA cash rate hold

Hardly any term deposit providers adjusted rates in the same week as RBA’s cautious non-movement.


Bernadette Lunas

More capital cities join the million-dollar housing market

House prices in Brisbane and Adelaide are on track to hit the $1 million mark by the end of FY25 on the back of sus...

3 day(s) ago
Bernadette Lunas

Cash rate hold extended as RBA assesses further risks to inflation

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has delivered a broadly expected cash rate hold at the end of its two-day polic...

4 day(s) ago
Bernadette Lunas

Mutual banks lift variable mortgage rates

Just as when variable mortgages were moving down in previous weeks, the trend returns upwards with more lenders unv...

14 Jun 2024
Bernadette Lunas

Australia’s unemployment rate slightly dips in line with seasonal shifts

The unemployment rate lowered to 4% as more Aussies found and returned to work last month, according to the Austral...

13 Jun 2024
Bernadette Lunas

Major bank revises RBA rate cut call amid economic shifts

ANZ has officially ruled out any chance that the RBA will deliver relief to Australia's mortgage belt, following the latest revision of its rate cut call.

12 Jun 2024
Bernadette Lunas

Australian residential property market values hit another record high

The nation’s residential real estate is less than $300 billion away from hitting the $11 trillion mark, data ...

11 Jun 2024
Bernadette Lunas

Can you withdraw from a house sale before settlement?

In an ideal scenario, you wouldn’t back out of a house sale before settlement, but if you do, you need to be ready for...

11 Jun 2024
Bernadette Lunas

Stamp duty savings of up to $17k for Queensland first home buyers under new threshold

First home buyers at the threshold in Queensland would save as much as $17,350 following the state government’s announcement to expand the first homeow...

10 Jun 2024
Bernadette Lunas

Big banks alter term deposit rates ahead of RBA cash rate update

Two big banks unveiled new rates on their term deposits ahead of the RBA’s upcoming cash rate update. ...

07 Jun 2024
Harrison Astbury

Home Loan Statistics Australia

Compare mortgage statistics such as average interest rates, average home loan sizes, first home buyer numbers and more.

06 Jun 2024