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Brooke Cooper joined the InfoChoice Group in 2023. She previously wrote for the Motley Fool, covering topics such as share prices, companies, and IPOs. With interests in everyday finance and wealth, Brooke is passionate about educating Aussies - especially young adults - on all things money.

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Brooke Cooper

Crypto platforms targeted under proposed regulatory changes 

A new government proposal recommends crypto exchanges and digital asset platforms be subject to Australian financia...

16 Oct 2023
Brooke Cooper

Which banks modified home loan interest rates this week?

Despite the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate’s multi-month stagnation continuing, many home loan lenders adjusted the interest rates on offer ...

13 Oct 2023
Brooke Cooper

Aussie banks pass 75% of cash rate hikes on to savers

While Aussie borrowers struggle against a dozen cash rate hikes, depositors have come out on top of their international peers.

12 Oct 2023
Brooke Cooper

Housing construction costs ease but rental crisis worsens

Supply of rental properties has hit a new record low, but there might be light on the horizon as the cost of building new residential houses continues to slo...

11 Oct 2023
Brooke Cooper

1 in 3 first home buyers lean on government guarantee scheme

An expanded Home Guarantee Scheme allowed 41,700 Australians to purchase their own property last financial year, wi...

09 Oct 2023
Brooke Cooper

Payday lender Cigno sued by ASIC, allegedly charged fees 600% more than loan amount

The corporate regulator is taking two payday loan providers to the Federal Court, alleging some customers were charged fees totalling more than seven times w...

04 Oct 2023
Brooke Cooper

Is it better to invest in property or shares in Australia?

Many Aussies use two popular investment vehicles: Shares and property. In the end your choice comes down to liquidity, risk, and ...

28 Sep 2023
Brooke Cooper

Matildas drive retail spending 0.2% higher ahead of RBA rate decision

Retail trade across the nation increased 0.2% in August on a seasonally adjusted basis, with turnover lifting to $35.4 billion.

28 Sep 2023
Brooke Cooper

House prices forecast to jump 9% from mid-2024

House prices are set to spark this fiscal year before roaring to life in financial year 2025, with a surprise city ...

26 Sep 2023
Brooke Cooper

Shared equity scheme shaves years off home buyers’ journey into property market

Hundreds of Australian home buyers are turning to programs wherein the government will buy a portion of a property for them in an effort to get into the mark...

25 Sep 2023
Brooke Cooper

One million Aussies urged to join legal fight over ‘outrageous’ car loan practice

Australian motorists can sign up to take part in the biggest consumer class action in Australian legal history, with Westpac, ANZ, Macquarie, and St George i...

21 Sep 2023
Brooke Cooper

Tight labour market continues with unemployment steady at 3.7%

Australia’s unemployment rate was 3.7% in August, with 65,000 extra jobs and only 3,000 finding themselves without a job according to ABS data.

14 Sep 2023