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Today's Sponsored Bank Accounts


QT Mutual Bank Everyday Account 

  • Get a $50 thank you note when you open account (hurry, limited to first 100)
  • Free access to more than 3000 rediATMs Australia-wide
  • Unlimited free VISA and eftpos purchases within Australia
  • No monthly account fees when you deposit $2,000 or more per month
  • Terms & Conditions apply. AFSL 241195
  • Visit QT Mutual Bank's Website for conditions and full details.
Go to site

UBank USaver Ultra 

  • Base rate 2.31% p.a. + 1.06% p.a. Standard Ultra Bonus Rate = 3.77% p.a on balances up to $200K
  • Open a USaver Ultra account for as little as $1
  • Unlimited access to your money through UBank Internet Banking, NAB and rediATM’s, and wherever Visa is accepted
  • Visit UBank's website for conditions and full details.
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Savings News

Really? Australians have how much in savings?

New data from a large Australian mortgage aggregator reveals that, in 2015, one third of Australians have more than $20,000 in savings, up from less than 30 per cent in 2014. Read full article

A budget win for savers

Joe Hockeys 2015 government budget was widely expected to include a tax on savings held in banking accounts. Read full article

All transaction accounts are not the same ...

Many people have the same banking transaction account that they have had since they first started banking. Read full article

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Savings Guides

Make your money work for you

There has never been a better time to shop around for deposit accounts with some great offers outside of the big 4 banks.  Read full article

How to reduce your bank fees

With several banking products available in the market, and with different terminologies used to describe the nature of the fees charged on these accounts, it is no wonder consumers often get confused or lose track of the fees they are paying. Read full article

Should I lock away my savings or keep it at call?

In a competitive market where banks are fighting hard to win depositors cash, an excess number of cash accounts aggressively priced to offer decent returns are available... Read full article

Australians' $1 billion lost interest bill

Research from financial comparison experts InfoChoice shows that Australian consumers have short-changed themselves of more than $1 billion worth of interest in the past six months. Read full article

ATM Fee Reform – how these changes will affect you

A Direct Charging ATM fee reform was introduced on March 3rd 2009, making it mandatory for ATMs to provide on screen disclosure of the charges applied to customers using ATMs that dont belong to the cardholders financial institution. Read full article

More Savings Guides

Find the right savings account for you

The number of savings account on offer can make it difficult to choose a good deal. But finding the right account is easy with InfoChoice. Whether you want to open an online savings or a children’s savings account, InfoChoice allows you to search and compare in one place. You can compare features such as monthly account service fees and access options, and read breaking information about savings accounts in our news and guides section. You can also work out how much interest you’ll earn by using our savings calculator. Some accounts will take you the provider’s website so you can open your account online today.

More Savings Accounts

Institution Product Max. Rate (%) Details
Savings Maximiser (Base rate 2.25%p.a + 1.25%p.a Standard Bonus Rate = 3.50%p.a on balances up to $100K) 3.50 Go to site
USaver Ultra (Base rate 2.31%p.a. +1.06% p.a. Standard Ultra Bonus Rate = 3.37%p.a on balances up to $200K) 3.37 Go to site
Hero Saver (Earn an ongoing variable rate of 3.35% p.a. for balances up to $250,000 minimum deposit of $200 excludes interest monthly with no withdrawals) 3.35 Go to site
ME Online Savings Account 3.20 Go to site
ANZ Online Saver (Earn up to 3.10% p.a. for 3 months) 3.10 Go to site
Maxi Saver (3.10% variable for first 3 months) 3.10 Go to site
Institution Product Max. Rate (%) Details

Based on promotional or introductory rates for an online savings account of $5,000. For information on how we've selected these “Sponsored” and “Featured” products click here.