Diners Club: Points lost, fare refund possible

Diners Club is offering its cardholders conditional refunds on Ansett fares but has made no offer over lost reward points in the wake of its partner's demise.

Diners cardholders who have purchased Ansett tickets using their card will be able to claim a refund if the ticket has not been honoured by another airline, no travel insurance covers the loss or no Travel Compensation Fund claim is possible.

However, no refund or compensation is being offered to those who have redeemed Diners Club card reward points for Ansett flights.

The Diners Club reward scheme offers the redemption of card spend points for Ansett flights via Ansett's Global Rewards program. No other rewards are offered.

While Diners has said that all card points earned since Ansett's collapse will accrue towards new flight or travel rewards in a revamped scheme, it appears at this stage that unredeemed points, which converted automatically across to Global Rewards, will be lost entirely.

For more details, see announcements on the Diners Club website.