Higher prices for Telstra STD calls

Telstra will hike up STD call prices by up to 21 per cent. Calls made between 7pm and 7am will rise by an average of 10.5 per cent. For example, peak community calls to destinations up to 50 km away will increase from 8.8 cents a minute to 10 cents a minute. Telstra's call charge increase coincides with its decision to cut 10,000 jobs, reducing its current number of call centres from 280 to 35. Industry analysts are surprised at the move, pointing out that it is the opposite of the current trend of dropping prices due to competition. Telstra says its new price structure would not affect all customers as it would depend on their calling patterns. However, Telstra is reviewing its zoning patterns, which could mean changes in call boundaries between regional destinations.

‘Telstra lifts rates, cuts jobs', The Australian, 21/09/00, p 1.