Our Promise

Our goal is to make it easy for every day Australians to research financial products and find the ones that better meet their needs.

We want you to take control and do your own research using our tools, data and comparisons – to take control of the products and services that you use. At InfoChoice we strive to be:-

As comprehensive as possible

We aim to bring you the most comprehensive list of financial and insurance products in the market.

A high degree of accuracy

Our data is provided and updated directly by our provider partners, double checked by our systems and triple checked by us to bring you a really up to date and accurate picture of the products and services you are looking for.

Always free for you

We provide all our information without the need for membership or subscription fees.

The Details – How it all works

We provide you with the ability to access information on a vast range of financial and insurance products. You can:

Calculate: we have a range of calculators on our site to help you calculate things like

  • loan repayments
  • stamp duty cost
  • how much you are able to borrow
  • areas you can afford to buy a home in
  • how much you can save
  • credit card repayment savings by paying more than the minimum

Find: we have a range of tools on our site to allow you to find products that are most relevant to you

Compare: once you have narrowed your search down to a short list we enable you to do a side by side product comparison including relevant fees, rates, features and premiums

Choose: following your research you should be able to identify the product you believe has the most value for your circumstances

Apply: by clicking on the relevant product links for Sponsored Listings you will be transferred to the relevant institution’s website. For products that are not Sponsored Listings you will need to get in touch with the relevant institution directly in order to proceed to apply for a product.

“Sponsored listings” are products listed from providers that sponsor our site and are generally ranked first and with a “SPONSORED” indicator in the left most column. We rank these listings first as these providers enable us to give you a direct link to relevant and specific pages of their website wherever possible. We feel this is a big advantage to you as it saves you time (and we know in your world and ours, time is money). We also know from our industry knowledge and experience of these products, that they are competitive and popular amongst our visitors. To re-sort the list without this filter – simply de-select the “Show sponsored listings first” checkbox (you should know that we rank all financial products, sponsored and non-sponsored alike, according to the relevant rates, features or fees of those products).

“Today’s Most Popular Products” include products that receive the most enquiries from visitors to our site.

“Popular Accounts” generally include a Sponsored listings ranked based on a relevant pricing metric.

Like just about everyone else, we do include advertising on our website which we describe on the site as “Sponsor Links”, “Special Offers”, “ads by Google”, “Featured Accounts” or shown in the form of standard graphical display advertising.

Where do we get our information from?

In the vast majority of cases InfoChoice receives its product information directly from institutions providing products. You can help by reporting any instances where you believe our data is not accurate. Although we work hard to provide accurate data we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data.

Which products do we list on our site?

We will always publish ALL products entered into our system regardless of whether institutions pay us a fee, because we believe it is important to provide you with a comprehensive list of products. InfoChoice supports competition on the basis that we believe this is good for all of us.

How do we make money?

Our service is completely FREE to our visitors. We significantly invest in maintaining and improving our website and therefore our service to Australians. In order to support our investment and continue to provide our service we do charge fees to some institutions and advertisers. We do charge for website traffic referred to institutions. For more information download our Financial Services Guide & Credit Guide.