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Terms of Use of the InfoChoice Website

About this website

This website is operated by InfoChoice Pty Ltd ACN 061 105 735 ABN 93 061 105 735 AFSL 349445 ACL 349445 (“we”, “us”, “our”, “InfoChoice”) to assist you to compare products offered by participating providers and select a suitable provider (“Services”). See InfoChoice's Financial Service Guide (pdf).

By using the InfoChoice website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”), and the InfoChoice Security Statement and Privacy Statement in relation to your use of, and the performance of, the website, and the information, services and material contained in or provided by it.

We provide an information service on our website to obtain quotes and compare certain products and services on the basis of particular criteria you may select. However, we are not a credit provider and we are not suggesting that you apply for a particular product with a particular provider of those products, nor are we trying to assist you to apply for a particular product with a particular provider. It is also important you understand that should you decide to apply for a product or credit product after visiting our website, you will be dealing with the provider of that product and not with us.

This website includes information provided by amongst others, credit or financial services providers and other organisations in connection with the services offered by us or by such third parties. We reserve the right to change the financial institutions, credit or financial services providers and other organisations referred to, and information about them, at any time. We accept no responsibility in respect of any such information or any change to that information.

By continuing to use our website, we will consider you to have agreed to these Terms of Use.


The information contained in this website (which is provided for your information and use) and any tools provided (which are for illustrative purposes only) and any results they give, should not be taken as constituting personal advice. Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that such information and tools are correct and complete, we have relied on third party providers and there can be mistakes made, so we do not guarantee the correctness or completeness or appropriateness to you of any of the information provided or linked on this website or the tools (or any calculation) or tables on this website. We recommend that you seek independent advice before acting upon any information provided or linked on this web site. Please ensure you check any information or the results of using any tool if you intend to rely on them. We would appreciate your telling us if you find any error or omission, so we can fix it.

Please also remember when you are using this website that your equipment, our systems and the internet are sometimes subject to performance constraints, which can affect the speed of the website and the use of it you may wish to make. You may experience errors and service interruptions when using this website or accessing any links available on it. In addition, the website may not be available at all times. Further, we do not guarantee that this website or any third party website linked to this website will be free from viruses.

How we make money

 “Sponsored” products are products offered by a provider with which InfoChoice has a commercial marketing arrangement in place.

“Sponsored” products are displayed first within the search results pages and can be re-sorted without this filter by de-selecting the “Show sponsored listings first”. They will have a link to a product provider’s website should you wish to get more information or apply for the product. InfoChoice has a commercial relationship with these product providers and may receive a commission, referral, fee or payment from a provider when you click on a link to a product.

Fees for clicks referred to product providers on the following basis:

Cost per Click (CPA) for click referred from the InfoChoice website to a product provider

Cost per Application (CPA) for completed applications that resulted from clicks referred from the InfoChoice website to a product provider.

Cost per Approved Application (CPAA) for completed approved applications that resulted from clicks referred from the InfoChoice website to a product provider.

Cost per Lead (CPL) for enquiries referred to a product provider or where enquiries result from referred clicks from the InfoChoice website to a product provider.

Cost per Issued Product (CPP) – for a successful sale that resulted from referred clicks or enquires from the InfoChoice website to a product provider, broker or other third party.

Commission share on referrals to third party advice providers.

“Featured” Products and “Advertisement” are a form of advertising. InfoChoice may receive a commission, referral, fee, payment or advertising fees from a provider when you click on a link to a product. We may sort or promote the order of these products based on our commercial arrangements.

Advertising fees from product providers for product advertisements through emails, sponsored content or placement on the InfoChoice website are based on Cost per Impression, Cost per Click, Cost per Application, Cost per Approved Application, Cost per Lead, Fixed Sponsorship/Advertising fee or a combination.

InfoChoice may also receive fees from product providers for the following activities:

Subscription fees for data provision

Fixed cost development, licensing and hosting fees for the use of financial calculators, Key Facts Sheets and research.

All fees are negotiated with institutions on a case by case basis and varies between products and providers.

Property Reports

If you request web based property data and information services (Property Report), these Property Reports are developed and provided by Australian Property Monitors Pty Ltd and its related bodies corporate (Pricefinder). InfoChoice’s role is arranging for your address to appear in the search field and arranging for Pricefinder to send to you, or make available to you, the Property Report.

By requesting a Property Report you acknowledge that Pricefinder’s terms and conditions (including the Pricefinder – End User Terms of Use) found at https://www.pricefinder.com.au/terms-conditions/ apply to your access and use of Property Reports and you agree that you have read and understood, and agree to be bound by, those terms and conditions in connection with your access, use and disclosure of the Property Report.

Without limiting the forgoing, you understand that the Property Report is for your exclusive use as part of your marketing and for your internal business requirements, and includes the copyright and other intellectual property rights of third parties.

Use and Access

This website is made available by InfoChoice only for personal or non-commercial use in obtaining information directly related to the Services. You must not use this website:
• for commercial purposes (including for competitive advantage or to the competitive disadvantage of InfoChoice or any supplier);
• in any manner that is inconsistent with the purpose for which this website is provided; 
• in any manner which is in breach of any laws; or 
• in any other way which is not expressly permitted by these Terms of Use.

Without limiting the above, you will not and will not permit a third party to:
• use or access this website or its content in a way that infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of any person;
• copy or disclose to any person, any content other than as expressly permitted by these Terms of Use; 
• use any method or process (including data scraping, collection or accumulation tool, robot, spider or scripted responses) for the purpose of obtaining, processing, copying, replicating, distributing, reconfiguring, republishing, viewing, assessing, analysing, modifying or repackaging the content; 
• use any method or process to consolidate or combine the content with any other content, data, information, images or material; 
• reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to construct or identify this website’s source code, formulas or processes; 
• use, access or retain any content in any manner or form whatsoever, unless expressly permitted by these Terms of Use; 
• use systematic, repetitive or any other methods which are designed to obtain a large number of quotes, comparisons, rankings or other pricing and related information from this website; 
• use, obtain or attempt to obtain from this website, information in order to identify or discover pricing, underwriting, rating and related business methodology or systems; 
• do anything which will or may damage, disrupt access to or interfere with the proper operation of this website; 
• do anything which will or may place an unreasonable load on the infrastructure of this website; 
• post, distribute or send any ‘spamming material' or any other form of bulk communication; 
• impersonate any person or entity; 
• publish or disseminate any material which is unlawful, defamatory, indecent, offensive or inappropriate; 
• use this website to harass, defame, abuse, threaten or otherwise offend others; and 
• transmit any material which contains viruses or other computer codes designed to interrupt, limit or destroy the efficient operation of this website, its software or hardware.

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we:

You agree that you access our site and receive our service subject to the qualifications, disclaimers, limitations and other information set out on our site, including in these Terms and Conditions. This includes qualifications as to:

  • features, products, providers and services that we compare;
  • how your search results are sorted or displayed;
  • how we make money;
  • the accuracy and reliability of data; and
  • the fact that the products may not be suitable for your circumstances and that the advice is general in nature.

You release us from any and all claims, costs, expenses, loss, damage or other liability arising out of or in connection with any fact, matter or circumstances that we have disclosed to you on our site, including in these Terms and Conditions.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we:

(a) exclude all implied terms in respect of this website and any services offered on it which are not expressly included in these Terms of Use; and

(b) will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind suffered by you, regardless of the nature of such loss or damage, and regardless of the nature of the claim, whether in contract, tort or any other legal theory, and whether or not we know of the possibility of such loss or damage.

We will only accept liability where we have expressly agreed to do so via contract, or such liability is prescribed by statute. In such cases where the law imposes a liability which cannot be excluded, to the fullest extent permitted by law, our liability will be limited at our option to (i) the supply of services again, or (ii) the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.


The law applicable to the use of this website and to these Terms of Use is the law of Victoria, Australia, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria in relation to any matters arising under these Terms of Use or in relation to this website.

Changes to Terms of Use

We may change these Terms of Use, and the InfoChoice Security Statement and Privacy Statement at any time by publishing variations on this website.

Infochoice Security Statement & Security Features

We are committed to implementing a number of security controls to ensure the integrity and security of data. These include the implementation of:

256 bit SSL encryption. This level of encryption will be used on all data that is sent between your computer and any of the secure pages on this website.

Security Precautions

Below are some simple actions you can take to protect your information and increase your own security when transacting on line. This list should not be regarded as exhaustive and is provided for information purposes only.

1. Make sure you sign in via the authorised InfoChoice site address / and always sign in directly from your browser.
2. Check that the secure session has been authenticated with a valid security certificate.
3. Never accept links or redirections from other websites or emails for the purpose of signing into this website.
4. Be wary of using public or Internet Cafe computers to access or perform financial transactions.
5. Always check for a locked padlock symbol at the bottom right corner of your browser, as this indicates it is secure to use.
6. Ensure you do not record or save your Customer ID and/or Password on your computer.
7. Disable or switch off the option on your browser for retaining user names and passwords.
8.  Always use the latest antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall software to maintain security.