Trending Financial News 3 March 2020

What are the chances of a RBA rate cut?

The Reserve Bank WILL cut interest rates today, according to market expectations. Futures trading on rates markets indicates a 100% expectation of a cut today to 0.5% from 0.75% now.

The market had been trading at levels consistent with an expectation of no rate cut until recent days. Coronavirus fears set share markets falling last week. The RBA governor Dr Philip Lowe met with the treasurer and prime minister over the weekend to discuss responses to the growing threat.

Keep up to date with the latest news on RBA rate cuts and rate movements at InfoChoice.

New banking code of conduct in force now

The Australian Banking Association’s updated Banking Code of Practice came into force on Sunday 1 March 2020. ASIC says the code is binding on banks.

Banks must offer a “basic account”, with no account keeping fees, no minimum deposits, no overdraft and free debit (Eftpos).

Banks will provide inclusive and accessible services to those with limited English and those living in remote areas.

Lowest fixed rate home loan March 2020 – 2.44% pa

The lowest fixed rate home loan deal in March 2020 on InfoChoice is from Bank Australia’s Clean Energy Home Loan for LVRs under 70% has a current 3-year rate of 2.44% pa (comparison rate 3.43% pa).

Go directly to Bank Australia home loan interest rate and fees information at InfoChoice.

Best home loans for bad credit

InfoChoice lists lenders specialising in loans for bad credit at InfoChoice, including the Pepper Easy (Bad Credit History) home loan.

This loan is available for people looking for alternative income verification and for people with previous defaults. The current variable rate is 4.26% pa (comparison rate 4.63% pa) for owner occupiers paying principal and interest.

Read more about home loans for bad credit at InfoChoice.

Unsecured vs secured personal loans

The difference between a secured and an unsecured personal loan is the security – if you fall behind on your repayments, the lender can repossess the asset. A car loan is a common example of a secured personal loan. Check out the best car loan deals, as judged by our editor at InfoChoice.

Oone of the top unsecured loans now listed on InfoChoice is Moneyplace’s Unsecured Personal Loan – Excellent Credit Rating with rates starting from 7.65% (comparison rate 7.65% pa), based on credit history.

Read more about How safe are secured loans? At InfoChoice.

Big bank High Interest Savings Account interest rates: 3 March 2020

Right now, the big four banks in Australia are not paying rates equal to or higher than the inflation rate.  CPI inflation in Australia is currently 1.8% pa according to the Reserve Bank.

Raiz and Spaceship returns turn negative

The outlook for savers and investors who use micro-investing apps Raiz and Spaceship is uncertain. In recent weeks both Raiz and Spaceship returns have turned negative, after a long run of impressive gains. Read more about Raiz and Spaceship returns vs high interest savings accounts at InfoChoice.

How to check your home loan interest rate

Do you know your home loan interest rate and fees? Do you know your home loan repayments and have you compared your rate with the lowest rates in the market?

If you are with one of the big four banks, you can click straight through to their listed rates on InfoChoice, or read more about how to check on your home loan interest rate at InfoChoice.

Commonwealth Bank home loan interest rates and fees information.

Westpac Bank home loan interest rates and fees information.

ANZ Bank home loan interest rates and fees information.

NAB home loan interest rates and fees information.

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