The merger was finalised in March after around 18 months of planning and member approval processes.

The Toowoomba-based Heritage, and Adelaide-based People's Choice, will now be called People First Bank. 

“Our new brand builds on the strengths and values of both organisations over our near 150-year history while standing out in today’s highly competitive banking environment," said Michael Cameron, People First Bank's chairman.


Bank CEO Peter Lock (pictured above), originally of Heritage Bank, said customers overwhelmingly supported the one-brand approach.

“The first elements will start to be seen from March next year," Mr Lock said.

“We had no intention of adopting a multi-brand approach, as we have always aspired to create a strong new national brand that genuinely challenges the profit-maximisation model of the listed banks.”

The merged entity usurped Great Southern Bank (formerly CUA) to become Australia's largest mutual bank in terms of residents' assets, with nearly $28 billion in tow.

It also has 730,000 customers and 2,000 employees; thus far the merged entity has kept two headquarters.

Head picture: Artist's impression of People First Bank branch

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