And how much would an RBA rate cut save me on mortgage repayments? 

The Reserve Bank of Australia board has decided to keep the official cash interest rate unchanged at 1.5 per cent in May 2019. Many economists and market experts expect the RBA to cut interest rates in the near future. 

The Reserve Bank of Australia has had official interest rates set at 1.5 per cent for almost three years. The governor of the RBA, Philip Lowe, said in a statement that the board will be carefully watching unemployment in the coming months as they consider monetary settings. 

Inflation is also trending lower than the RBA's target of 2 - 3 per cent, pointing to the possibility of a rate cut. 

ANZ senior economist Cherelle Murphy said "a worrying fall in core inflation" will force the RBA to cut rates. 

REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the RBA may have been reluctant to move during an election, but is likely to cut rates by July 2019. 

That would provide a spike in the housing market with home prices likely to respond well, Ms Conisbee told And lenders won't be holding back part of the rate cut for their own profits. 

"It's likely banks would pass on the cut in full to mortgage holders," said Nerida Conisbee. 

But RBA rate cuts are not guaranteed.  

Some economists are not convinced the RBA will cut rates at all. Economists from Citi Australia issued a statement yesterday saying: 

"We don't expect any increase in our unemployment rate ... on this basis the RBA wouldn't deliver cuts."  

Economist Sen Keane from Credit Suisse suggested that the RBA may not be currently actively considering cutting rates at all. 

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