Trending Financial News 12 March 2020

CUA slashes savings account rates

CUA has slashed at-call savings account rates by up to 0.30% pa following the RBA’s 0.25 percentage point rate cut last week. CUA has cut term deposit rates by up to 0.25% pa.

CUA’s eSaver Reward maximum bonus rate has been cut from 2.0% pa to 1.70% pa. CUA’s eSaver Flexi rate has come down from 1.30% pa to 1.0% pa.

CUA’s highest term deposit rate is now 1.50% pa on 12-month terms or 1.60% pa with CUA’s platinum bonus.

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Judo Bank cuts term deposit rates

Judo Bank has cut interest rates on its long-term deposits, effective yesterday 11 March 2020.

Judo Bank has cut 5-year term deposit rates by 0.20 percentage points from 2.35% pa to 2.15% pa. Four-year Judo Bank term deposits have come down by 0.15% from 2.25% pa to 2.10% pa. Three-year TDs have come down 0.10% and two-year term deposit rates are down 0.05% to 2.0% pa.

Go direct to Judo Bank term deposit rate information at InfoChoice.

Top ten 12-month term deposit rates

The ten highest 12-month term deposit rates now listed on InfoChoice are below.

The current highest 12-month term deposit rate in Australia on InfoChoice is Judo Bank’s 1.95% pa.

Read more about top term deposit rates at InfoChoice and compare term deposit rates from Australia’s banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

InfoChoice will give $1,000 …

InfoChoice will give you $1,000 if we can’t show you a better home loan rate. This offer applies to you if you currently have an owner-occupied variable rate home loan from ANZ Bank, CBA, NAB or Westpac.

Right now, InfoChoice has variable rate home loans from 2.44% pa (comparison rate 2.47% pa). Take the InfoChoice Rate Dare, compare your big bank home loan rate with the best rates on InfoChoice today.

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Coronavirus Update

There are now  118,381 confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide according to the World Health Organisation.

4,292 people have died from coronavirus as at today 12 March 2020. The virus originated in Wuhan province in China in late 2019. China is the country that has the most confirmed coronavirus cases but the disease has now spread to 114 countries globally.

Countries with the most coronavirus infections are:

China: 80955 coronavirus cases

Italy: 10149 coronavirus cases

Iran: 8042 coronavirus cases

South Korea: 7755 coronavirus cases

France: 1774 coronavirus cases

Spain: 1639 coronavirus cases

Germany: 1296 coronavirus cases

Cruise ship Diamond Princess: 696 coronavirus cases

USA: 696 coronavirus cases

Japan: 568 coronavirus cases

Switzerland: 491 coronavirus cases

Australia has 122 confirmed cases of coronavirus on 12 March 2020.

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InfoChoice gives away an Apple iPhone 11

Congratulations Krittaphart N, the winner of the InfoChoice “Your chance to win an Apple iPhone 11” competition!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for our next contest to be launched shortly!

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Well Home Loans announces new lowest home loan rate

Well Home Loans is passing on the full RBA rate cut of 0.25% to new and existing variable rate home loan customers. Well Home Loans’ Well Balanced home loan rate is now 2.47% pa (comparison rate 2.50% pa).

Go direct to Well Home Loans home loan interest rates and fees information at InfoChoice.

FreedomLend’s new low investor rate

FreedomLend has cut rates on variable and fixed rate home loans following the RBA cut last week.

FreedomLend’s Investment Special Variable P&I 90% home loan now has a rate of 2.89% pa (comparison rate 2.97% pa). Go direct to FreedomLend’s home loan interest rate and fees information at InfoChoice.

Latest capital city property market updates

You can keep up to date with the capital city and regional property markets in Australia at InfoChoice. For more detailed news on individual markets, follow these links:

Sydney Property Market Outlook

Melbourne Property Market Outlook

Brisbane Property Market Outlook

Adelaide Property Market Outlook

Perth Property Market Outlook

Hobart Property Market Outlook

Canberra Property Market Outlook

Darwin Property Market Outlook

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Top ten savings account rates 12 March 2020

The ten highest at-call savings account rates now available on InfoChoice are all two per cent pa or above.

Rabobank is currently paying 2.25% pa for four months on its High Interest Savings Account.

Citi’s Online Saver has a maximum bonus rate of 2.05% pa for the first four months.

HSBC’s Serious Saver has a 2.35% pa introductory rate for four months.

InfoChoice’s top ten at-call savings account rates (11 March 2020) for balances under $1,000

Tricycle strollers compared – most fail safety standards

Consumer group CHOICE says some convertible tricycle strollers do not pass mandatory Australian safety standards for prams and strollers. CHOICE tested nine different brands of convertible tricycle strollers and failed six of the products.

“It is unacceptable that these products have been allowed to reach Australian families,” said CHOICE’s safety expert Chris Barnes.

“Parents expect the products they buy for their children to be safe.

“The Australian government needs to introduce tighter product safety laws.”

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