Apple Pay is now available in Australia, through one bank's credit card and transaction accounts only. ANZ Bank is offering Apple Pay on ANZ Visa credit cards, ANZ American Express cards and one ANZ Visa debit card product. A list of cards and accounts that can be linked to Apple Pay is below.

Why can't I get Apple Pay at my bank?

The other big banks are fighting Apple to open up the iPhone to their own payment systems and mobile wallets. This Australian legal battle between the mighty Aussie banks and global giant Apple will shape how the world will pay for things in the future.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a secure in-store and in-app payments system that let's you purchase goods and services by tapping your phone near the contactless payment terminal at the point of sale. Apple takes your money out of your linked account and sends it the merchant. It's like Visa PayWave or Mastercard Tap N Go, but with your phone, not your card. Apple Pay is installed in the iPhone SE and iPhone 6 range of mobile handsets as well as the Apple Watch and some iPads for in-app purchases only.

Which credit cards work with Apple Pay in Australia?

Most ANZ Bank Visa and American Express credit cards work with Apple Pay, including the: ANZ First Visa credit card which is currently offering a $200 cashback deal. ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa credit card, currently offering a 25,000 free Qantas points deal. ANZ Rewards Visa credit card currently offering a 25,000 points deal. Mastercard credit cards are expected to be added to Apple Pay soon.

Which transaction banking accounts work with Apple Pay in Australia?

Apple Pay works with ANZ Visa Debit cards (and ANZ Business Visa Debit cards), which are issued with an ANZ Access Advantage bank account. ANZ Everyday Visa Debit cards do not work with Apple Pay.

Should I switch banks to get Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is big. Apple Pay is working in nine countries now, including the United Kingdom and the USA. There are competitors, like Samsung Pay that work with a wider range of banks and cards. Commonwealth Bank offers a payment 'sticker' for iPhones so Commonwealth Bank Mastercard credit and debit card customers can tap and go. But Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, National Australia Bank and Bendigo Bank have effectively complained to the Australian government's competition commission about Apple Pay. The big Aussie banks want access to the iPhone payment tech and antenna, without having to sign up their customers to Apple Pay - which works a bit like iTunes and takes a fee with every purchase. This is a massive fight that could go on for years and will impact how Apple Pay develops around the world. The Australian banks are making a stand. So if you want Apple Pay anytime soon, you need to be prepared to switch to the bank that offers it. Compare almost all the credit cards in the market here. Compare almost all the transaction accounts here. Source: