How to get a fast, online personal loan today

If you’re looking for a personal loan then applying for one online could make the whole process quicker and easier. Online loan applications are not just streamlined, but hitting up a comparison site can make choosing your ideal product much easier.

This is your InfoChoice guide to getting a personal loan, online, today. Here we answer all your Personal Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The advantages of an online loan

Faster turnaround times

When you apply online personal loans can be approved and funded much sooner than with other lenders. If you’re successful, you could be approved in minutes and funded within the same business day.

Quick comparisons

Having all your options side by side, as well as filter options to hand, makes comparing fees, comparison rates and other features much simpler.

You get a tracking number

You can monitor the progress of your application to see where it’s at.

Exclusive online offers

Bricks–and–mortar lenders might offer discounts for applying online and online–only lenders may always offer lower rates.

There are pros and cons to online and physical branch loans.

Online options

Online–only lenders have fewer overheads so they may charge smaller fees and lower rates.

It’s easier to compare and apply for online–only loans.

In–branch loans

You can have helpful real live advisors to guide you.

Your branch might offer you special discounts for loyalty.

You could also have the option of applying for quick easy phone–based personal loans from your branch.

What sorts of online loans can you get?

Unsecured personal loans

Most lenders offer these loans, which you can use to fund a holiday, home renovations or a wedding.

Secured personal loans

If you have a valuable asset, such as a car, a term deposit, a property or even jewellery then you can use it as collateral for a secured loan. Offering a guarantee could mean a larger loan amount or a lower interest rate.

A car loan

Many lenders offer car loans so you can buy a new or used vehicle.

Which lenders are 100 per cent online?

There are several lenders which operate solely online and all big banks also accept online applications, especially from their own customers.

Many online–only lenders are peer–to–peer or alternative and as such they can offer competitive rates as they have fewer overheads than the big boys, as well as no shareholders to answer to.

Looking for the best online loan

You need to compare a few features when you’re looking for the best online loan for you and your circumstances.

The interest rate

Interest rates can be fixed or variable, with fixed rates being more predictable and “safe”. Variable rates could go up, making repayments larger, but these loans tend to let you make extra repayments or pay the loan off early without charging you.

The fees

You’ll still pay fees for online loans, whether it’s an establishment fee or an ongoing one. You’ll also get fees for late or missed payments, so, just as you would with an in–branch loan, check the comparison rate as well as the basic interest rate.

Repayment flexibility

Can you pay weekly or fortnightly, or just monthly? Are extra repayments penalised? How about clearing the entire loan early without a fee? Look out for these details as well.

Additional features

How do you reach customer service? Is it just chat or can you talk to someone? Do you get a discount if you have another product with the same lender? Can you manage your account online or through an app?

Are online loans safe?

Online loans are as safe as loans from in–branch lenders, but to be on the safe side, make sure there’s a credit licence clearly displayed on the website. It’s also a good idea to try out the contact information to make sure the lender is easy to reach. Reviews, both on the lender’s own website and other forums, also offer a good indication of the safety of the provider.

How do online loans work?

Each lender has its own application process, but you’ll usually fill in an online form detailing your name, employment and financial information, as well as your assets, liabilities and debts.

The lender will probably ask for payslips and other supporting documents as well.

Eligibility for online loans

Again, each lender is different, but you’ll usually need to be aged over 18, have a steady income of at least $15,000 p.a. and if you’re looking for a car loan, the car will also need to meet certain criteria in terms of age and value.

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