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Jacob is a Savings Media Group journalist with an interest in financial technology, investing, property, and motoring.

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Hanan Dervisevic

Low Deposit Home Loans

If you’re ready to own your first home but don’t have enough dollar bills stashed away for the deposit, a low deposit home loan may be just...

17 Aug 2023
Harrison Astbury

How to refinance your home loan

By refinancing your home loan to a new loan with a lower interest rate or better features, you could save yourself thousands of dollars.

21 Jun 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

How to know if I'm eligible for a personal loan?

Personal loans allow you to borrow an amount of money to pay for an item like a holiday or consolidate debts - but how do you know if you are eligible?

17 May 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

Which lenders offer the largest refinance cashback offers?

With one lender offering up to $10,000 cashback, check out some of the best refinancing cash back offers on the market.

17 Mar 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

What's your best option for an emergency fund?

How to Create an Emergency Fund: Your Best Options | InfoChoice

08 Feb 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

How to get fast approval on a personal loan

Fast Approval Personal Loans | InfoChoice

31 Jan 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

What are the advantages of a good credit score?


25 Jan 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

Same day personal loans

24 Jan 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

What is a margin loan?

What is a Margin Loan?. . What is a margin loan?. Why take out a margin loan?. A margin loan is a way for sophisticated investors to grow their portfolio by ...

23 Jan 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

What is a margin call?

What is a Margin Call? - Understand the Basics | InfoChoice

23 Jan 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

A beginner's guide to car loans

If you need your first car, an upgrade to accommodate a growing family, or if you just fancy a flashy new set of wheels, then one option for financing ...

23 Jan 2023
Jacob Cocciolone

Which bank is best for students?

17 Jan 2023