CommBank has numerous credit cards on offer to suit customers with various needs. From a no interest offering with a comparably low credit limit to an ultimate rewards card boasting a $6,000 minimum limit. 

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Low interest, no interest, and low fee credit card options

CommBank offers a variety of low interest and low fee credit cards. It also has a no interest offering.

The bank’s Neo card charges no interest or late payment fees, with customers instead paying a monthly fee of $12 to $22, depending on their limit. The Neo card can offer a $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 credit limit.

The bank also has a low rate credit card with a $6 per month fee attached, as well as a low fee card with a $3 per month fee that’s waived if a customer spends more than $300 in a single period.

CommBank Awards

The bank also boasts the largest credit card rewards program of any of its peers, based on the number of cardholders. It’s available to customers holding certain credit card products, dubbed Awards cards. 

Various CommBank Awards credit cards provide customers with various amounts of Awards points per dollar spent. Those rewards points can be redeemed at Myer, Flight Centre, or on the Award site. Certain credit card holders can also opt to earn Qantas points instead of Awards points.

Credit limits

Aside from the bank’s Neo card, none of its credit cards come with maximum credit limits. Though, the majority do demand a minimum credit limit. 

The minimum credit limit on its low rate, low interest, and basic Awards card is $500, while its other offerings come with minimum credit limits as high as $6,000. 

Credit card fees

With the exception of the low fee credit card, the fees on CommBank credit cards vary between $6 a month and $35 a month. However, the fees on some credit card products may be waived if a customer spends a certain amount each statement period.

SurePay plans and Wealth Package benefits

Commbank credit card customers might also find themselves benefiting from the bank’s SurePay plans and Wealth Package. 

SurePay allows a credit card holder to split the cost of a big purchase over multiple billing cycles.

On the other hand, its Wealth Package comes with certain CommBank home loans and sees fees on a single credit card waived.