Best ASX shares in March and April 2020

Appen (ASX: APX)

Appen provides data for machine learning and artificial intelligence and is regarded as a global leader. There’s huge growth in this sector and so any company within it is in a good position. 

The ASX 200 company reported better–than–expected earnings and revenue in FY19.

Appen has had some falls in its share price in the last couple of weeks, but this is related to general market weakness. This dip could, however, make it one of the best shares to buy in March as it might not stay down for long.

WiseTech Global Ltd (ASX: WTC)

WTC is a leading developer of logistics software solutions. The company sells into more than 150 countries worldwide and is part of Australia’s WAAAX tech share consortium. 

WiseTech has found its niche within an ever–more complex logistics sector and has experienced strong growth in the last ten years. Its share price has dipped somewhat in recent days, like many others, and this could make it one of the best shares to buy in March, especially for investors with a long–term plan.

Altium Limited (ASX: ALU)

This PCB design company has seen its share price tumble by 28 per cent since a high on February 17 2020. However, investors are confident in the long – term performance of Altium and so the low current share price could make the company one of the top performing ASX shares. For newer investors or more seasoned players looking for some good returns within the next year or so, ALU could work well.

Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Co. Ltd (ASX: SoL)

The Covid–19 pandemic has caused a lot of market instability and uncertainty, as well as created a lot of concern about the future of the global economy, but some companies and conglomerates are better–placed to ride out the storm than others.

While SoL has had its share price pushed down by recent events, it’s a conservative, careful entity that always keeps its eyes on the long–term. In many ways, Soul Pattinson is a good, safe investment for inexperienced investors looking for longer–term projects. SoL also recently decided to make some mergers in the telecoms sector, which will help to keep it relatively stable in the next few years.

Corporate Travel Management Ltd (ASX: CTD)

CTD was, as you might imagine, not one of the top ASX shares in February, as the travel sector faced – and still faces – global disruption. Its shares fell down to three – year lows during March, too, with a downgrade announced. It’s likely that as long as the coronavirus persists that share prices will stay low. However, as every smart investor knows, when prices bottom out, it’s the best time to buy.

The company has had around three years of good growth pretty much deleted in recent weeks. Of course, while prices could stagnate or go even lower, this won’t last forever and within a year or two things could well be on the up. This optimism makes CTD a good option for investors looking for a relatively cheap investment that will offer some gains going forward.

AGL Energy Ltd (ASX: AGL)

AGL Energy – the energy sector isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so this is probably down to the general uncertainty at the moment. AGL is making moves towards renewables, so this forward – looking position should keep AGL in the swim for a while.

Xero Limited (ASX: XRO)

This cloud–based accounting software developer and provider had a tough February after a market sell–off. Existing shareholders might be left feeling high and dry, but anyone looking for an entry could find this a big opportunity to buy low and wait a while.

Despite recent global events, online accounting software is a growing market, especially if the provider can sell into many different sectors, so investors coming onboard in the next few weeks or months could be well–rewarded once the markets stabilise.

ASX shares for first-time investors

It might seem like a tumultuous time to start an investment career, but in many ways a disrupted market is ideal as many usually buoyant shares can be had cheaply. Many first–timers go for listed investment companies (LIC) like Australia Foundation Investment Company (AFIC, ASX: AFI) because their sole purpose is to find other companies to invest their investors’ money in. This takes the guesswork away from newbies until they learn more and feel more confident to take their own punts.

Argo (ASX: ARG) is another LIC popular with new and more experienced investors alike. It has around 100 different equity holdings and almost 90,000 shareholders. Like AFIC, it looks for long–term dividend offerings for its shareholders.

The ASX outlook April and beyond

Lots of stocks look set to fluctuate in the next few months, with many not picking up again until early 2021. It could well be the best time for years for new investors to catch on, as long as they’re patient and choose the best shares for their situation.

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