Goldfields Money
Goldfields Money

Term Deposit

Term Base Rate
30 Days 0.35%
60 Days 0.38%
90 Days 0.75%
120 Days 0.75%
150 Days 0.75%
180 Days 0.75%
270 Days 0.75%
1 Year(s) 0.80% paid Annually
2 Year(s) 0.80% paid Annually
Key Features
Min Amount
Max Amount
Interest Payment
Cheque,Direct Credit,Rollover on Maturity
Early Withdrawal
At the absolute discretion of Goldfields Money it may consider a request from you for the full or part redemption or release of your FTD before its maturity. If Goldfields Money agrees to the request, it shall have the right to adjust the interest rate payable on your FTD. This interest rate adjustment is a reduction in the interest rate to 1.5% per annum calculated daily for the length of the term already served. If the term served is less than one month, there will be no interest paid on the amount withdrawn. The minimum redemption amount is $500.