Rabobank Australia offers a variety of term deposit options with terms ranging from one month to five years, making them suitable for many different savings goals and financial planning needs. 

The interest rates offered are typically relatively competitive and vary depending on the term length.

Rabobank also offers a 0.10% p.a. loyalty bonus to customers who automatically reinvest their term deposit at maturity.

Rabobank term deposit review



Minimum deposit


Maximum deposit

$2 million

Term lengths

1 month to 5 years

Interest paid

At maturity for terms of under 12 months and monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually for terms of 12 months or more


No account keeping fees, fees on early withdrawal

Rabobank term deposits can be taken out by individuals, joint applicants, or Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

Each owner of an account needs to be at least 16 years of age, a resident of Australia and residing in the country, and a holder of a Rabobank High Interest Savings Account​ (HISA). 

Up to $250,000 deposited with Rabobank is protected under the Financial Claims Scheme. That means, if something were to happen to Rabobank, that money would be returned to a depositor. 


Rabobank doesn’t charge any account keeping fees.

Though, early withdrawal of funds kept in a Rabobank term deposit requires a 31-day notice period and penalties may apply, which could reduce the interest payable.

Potential drawbacks

The major feature of Rabobank that might deter would-be depositors is the fact the bank doesn’t boast any branches, so all transactions must be done online.