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Judo Bank Personal Term Deposits

Term Base Rate
90 Days 1.15%
180 Days 2.70%
270 Days 2.85%
1 Year(s) 2.95% paid Annually 2.85 % paid Monthly
2 Year(s) 3.59% paid Annually 3.54 % paid Monthly
3 Year(s) 3.95% paid Annually 3.90 % paid Monthly
4 Year(s) 4.10% paid Annually 4.05 % paid Monthly
5 Year(s) 4.20% paid Annually 4.15 % paid Monthly
  • Loyalty bonus: Roll over your principal after it reaches maturity to another Term Deposit and receive an additional 0.10% bonus on top of our standard Term Deposit for the new term.
Key Features
Min Amount
Max Amount
Interest Payment
Direct Credit,Other
Early Withdrawal
You can only withdraw funds from your term deposit by giving us 31 days’ prior notice. If you withdraw funds prior to maturity, we may reduce the interest rate payable on the funds withdrawn by applying a “Prepayment Adjustment”. Refer to https://www.judo.bank/term-deposit-accounts-terms-and-conditions for more details.