Bendigo currently has three savings accounts available for customers, accessible both in branch and online. Only Australian citizens or permanent residents can open these accounts.


The EasySaver account has an unconditional rate no matter how great the balance nor how many transactions. There are no monthly service fees, free e-banking transactions and up to two free monthly withdrawals from branch. The EasySaver account cannot be linked to a card for transactions.

Reward Saver

The Reward Saver has the highest available rate at Bendigo, but this only applies when customers earn the bonus rate. The base interest rate always applies, but this is typically only a nominal rate, well under 1% p.a. When all conditions are fulfilled, the bonus rate then applies on top of this. The bonus rate also only applies to balances up to $100,000, although the base rate continues to apply if your balance exceeds this.

To earn the bonus interest rate in a given month, customers need to do the following:

  • Hold an eligible transaction account with Bendigo (Everyday or Student are both okay)

  • Make at least one deposit in the Reward Saver account during the month

  • Ensure withdrawals over the month are less than the amount deposited

  • Ensure the balance at the end of the month is greater than at the start

Piggy Saver

Finally, Bendigo offer a kids savings account that could be a great way to teach your child about money. The Piggy Saver is only available for customers under the age of 12, has an unconditional interest rate and no monthly service fees. Kids who open an account get a free money box, and if they are aged between 4 and 10, receive birthday rewards.