When it comes to credit cards, Beyond Bank keeps it simple. 

The bank offers just one product - a low rate credit card tailored for customers looking to save on interest and take advantage of practical features. 

What are the key features of Beyond Bank Low Rate Credit Card?

Primarily, Beyond Bank’s Low Rate Visa Credit Card offers customers 0% on balance transfers for 12 months. This means cardholders won’t pay any interest on debt transferred from other credit card providers to their Beyond Bank card for 12 months. 

Here are the other features and benefits customers can maximise using this credit card.

Credit limit

The initial limit starts at $1,000; credit limit varies depending on the cardholder’s credit history, with an option to reduce or increase

Minimum monthly repayment

3% of closing statement balance or $20, whichever is greater

Cash advance

The default limit is $1,500, which can be increased to $2,500 or $6,000


Discounted interest rates when transferring balances from other credit cards

Interest-free on purchases up to 62 days


Supports contactless payments under $200

Can be added to mobile wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.


Features a smart chip protection that reduces exposure against counterfeiting, card skimming, and other frauds

Covered by Visa Zero Liability Policy that protects against unauthorised transactions

Covered by Visa Secure that ensures only the cardholder is making the transactions

Other features

Can add up to four additional cardholders at no extra cost

What fees are associated with Beyond Bank’s credit card?

Beyond Bank’s Low Rate Visa Credit Card comes with a set of fees occurring regularly or whenever certain transactions are made. Here’s a list of all fees and charges cardholders must take note.


Fee each

Annual card fee


Cash advance fee 


Declined transaction fee


Default fee


Default notice fee


International transaction fee

3% of the value of the transaction

Card replacement fee


Dishonour fee


Transfer honour fee


Text Me! Transaction fee


Bank@Post deposit fee


Inward Swift payment fee


These fees are correct at the time of writing and are subject to change.

Withdrawals and balance enquiries at Australian and overseas ATMs may incur fees charged by the ATM operator. 

Cardholders may also be charged a surcharge on transactions using an EFT terminal; it will appear on the statement as part of the purchase price.

Who can apply for a credit card with Beyond Bank?

The Low Rate Visa Credit Card is available for the personal use of individuals 18 years and older.  The applicant must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. A good credit history is required for approval, which means they must agree to a credit check when applying for a Beyond Bank credit card. 

Customers can complete a secure application online. Once the credit card application has been submitted, a loan consultant will be in touch to gather any additional information they need. The bank says the applicant may expect to be notified within 48 business hours. 

Once approved, a new card will delivered to their nominated mailing address within 5-10 business days.