Firstmac started its life as a leasing broker, Lease Nationale Finance, which specialised in mining and enterprise equipment loans. It now provides competitive interest rates on home loans, car loans, and term deposits, and are delivered through third-party channels such as mortgage brokers.

Firstmac currently has about $16 billion worth of mortgages on its books, having provided 130,000 home loans to Aussies over the years. It’s the third largest lender based in Queensland, behind Bank of Queensland and Suncorp.

Firstmac offers a range of home loans, including ones for specific purposes such as its Expat Home Loan and Green Home Loan. It also offers discounted car loan interest rates for the purchase of ‘green’ vehicles. For the most part, its loan products are available exclusively through a network of accredited brokers.

As a non-bank, Firstmac can’t take customer deposits. Its term deposits are issued by Goldfields Money. Firstmac also owns and underwrites retail direct-to-consumer brands and