Firstmac car loans are available all over Australia through the non-bank lender’s accredited broker network for those buying a car for personal use.

Car loan products

Available via Firstmac?

Fixed rate secured car loan

Variable rate secured car loan

Fixed interest unsecured car loan

Variable interest unsecured car loan

Green car loan

What you need to know about Firstmac car loans

Firstmac offers typically competitive interest rates and discounts for borrowers purchasing new ‘green’ cars – electric vehicles (EVs) or low-emission cars. 

The lender can provide loans of as little as $5,000 or as much as $150,000 – a far greater range than many other market participants. It also provides both fixed and variable car loan interest rates. 

It allows borrowers to select to have a ‘balloon payment’ of up to 50%, setting aside a portion of their loan to pay at the end of its life, thereby reducing regular repayments. Borrowers can also make the most of redraw facilities on variable rate car loans.

Loans for new cars

Generally, the lender provides lower interest rates for borrowers purchasing a new car, over those buying a used car. 

Loans for second-hand cars

Firstmac provides car loans for second-hand vehicles, as long as they are under 12 years old. Though, the younger the car, the lower the interest rate will typically be.

Lower car loan rate for electric or low-emissions vehicles

The lowest car loan interest rates provided by the lender are dedicated to fund the purchase of EVs or low-emissions vehicles. It offers both a fixed green car loan and a variable green car loan. 

Cars need to output lower-than-average CO2 emissions compared to other similar-sized vehicles to be considered ‘green’. That sees most new hybrid or electric vehicles making the cut.