Pepper Money

Award winning non-bank lender Pepper Money was founded in 2000.

Pepper Money, which has been awarded Best Non-Bank Lender three times, (2017 and 2019 at the Australian Mortgage Awards and 2018 at the Australian Lending Awards) was one of the pioneers of near prime lending in Australia, when it was introduced in 2012 and its introduction into the lending marketplace in Australia, has provided a healthy dose of competition to the big four banks.

Pepper Money prides itself on being community-minded and innovative, having launched several new products over the years, as well as its asset finance business in 2014. It also launched its market-first Pepper Product Selector in 2017.

The company is a well-established global credit provider, specialising in consumer lending and asset servicing across the residential and commercial property sectors.

It has presence in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe – including Ireland, UK, Spain and South Korea. 

Pepper Money


Pepper Money provides a variety of home loan solutions, car loans, personal loans, loans for professional equipment, and commercial loans.

Home Loans

Pepper Money offers three flexible home loan options: Pepper Prime, Pepper Near Prime and Pepper Specialist.

Pepper Prime

The Pepper Prime Home Loan services borrowers with a clear credit history. Interest rates are competitive and non-genuine savings are accepted up to a 90% LVR. The loan features an offset sub-account, free redraw facility and extra repayments. Borrowers can withdraw cash for acceptable purposes, however if you do withdraw cash it cannot be for business purposes. Interest only repayment options are available. One key highlight is up to four debts can be consolidated into this loan, giving you a little more financial freedom than you may have had before taking this loan.

Pepper Near Prime

The Pepper Near Prime home loan is for borrowers who have had no credit trouble for two years. While the interest rates are higher for this type of loan, there are several advantages including the acceptance of non-genuine savings, unlimited cash out up to 85% and unlimited debt consolidation. This loan is certainly favourable for those who have been in financial trouble in the past and takes into consideration unlimited defaults, judgements or writs of more than $1000 that are over two years old – whether they are paid or unpaid.

The loan also features a free redraw facility, offset sub account, interest only payments if requested, Visa debit card access and the ability to make extra payments.

Pepper Specialist

The Pepper Specialist Home Loan is a higher interest rate loan for borrowers in challenging circumstances who may not get a loan with a traditional lender. This loan does provide an option for those who may not meet traditional criteria. Non-genuine savings are accepted, while defaults registered less than 12 months ago, mortgage arrears within the last six months, discharge from bankruptcy by one day are all circumstances that will be considered. Borrowers must verify their income with an ABN registration and GST registration of six months. There is no third party Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) required for this loan. The loan also features, unlimited debt consolidation, free redraw facility, extra repayments, Visa debit card access and interest only payments. 

Personal Loans 

Pepper Money offers both secured and unsecured loans with several overarching benefits including no establishment fee, no monthly fee and no early repayment fee. A decision on your eligibility is usually given within five hours and the application process takes just 10 minutes. Borrowers can receive their personal rate up front without impacting their credit score. Funds are paid into your account the next day after approval.

Secured Loan

Secured loan borrowers can borrow from $15,000 to $50,000 and pay it back weekly or fortnightly. The loan term is for 18-84 months.

Unsecured Loan

Unsecured borrowers can borrow from $5,000 to $50,0000 for a loan term of 18-84 months. Interest rates are higher than those of the Secured loan product. 

Asset Finance

While Pepper Money is best known for its loan products, it also offers a range of asset finance solutions for new equipment and business assets. 

Pepper Money can assist with cars, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery or office equipment, yellow goods, trailers, trucks, earthmoving and agricultural equipment.

There are flexible loans available and borrowers can borrow $5000 or more and be approved within two years.

Types of financing include:

  • Chattel Mortgage (Commercial Loan) – own the asset in full with no minimum deposit requirements.
  • Finance Lease – Can own asset in full at a later date.
  • Novated Lease – Borrowers can package costs of the car through opre tax and post tax salary deductions for 12 to 60 months.
  • Consumer Loan – Can be taken out for a maximum 84 months and be used to finance boats, cars, motorbikes and caravans.


  • Great for people whose credit history has been problematic
  • Flexible loan solutions
  • Fast approval process
  • Common sense assessment instead of credit scoring
  • Can consolidate several debts


  • Higher interest rates
  • No branch assess
  • No fixed rates