Virgin Money
Virgin Money

Virgin Money Boost Saver

Base Variable Rate
0.05% p.a.
Max Variable Rate
1.30% p.a.

  • You’ll get our highest variable interest rate of up to 1.20% p.a. on your Boost Saver, up to a combined total balance of $250,000, when you meet the Monthly Criteria each month.
  • Bundled with serously rewarding everyday Virgin Money Go Account
  • Set up to 9 personalised savings goals
  • Joint Accounts available
  • Access to Virgin Money Rewards.

Access Virgin Money transaction and savings products through the new Virgin Money mobile banking app. Anytime, anywhere.

Key Features
No Account
Keeping Fee
Linked Account

Account Details

Account Type Savings
Min. Opening Amount -
Min. Balance -
Monthly Account Fee $0.00
Interest Calculation Frequency Monthly
Interest Payment Frequency Monthly
Interest Paid In Steps?


ATM Withdrawal Fee -
ATM Balance Fee -
ATM Balance Fee -
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit -
Debit Card Replacement Fee -

Fee Details

Service Fee Frequency
Fee Rebate Available
Balance Required for Fee-Free $0.00


*Terms and conditions and Monthly Criteria apply. Special Offer available to applicants who have never previously held a Go Account, Boost Saver or Grow Saver. Applicants must open a Virgin Money Go Account and Boost Saver bundle between 16 August 2021 and 31 January 2022. This Special Offer includes a Promotional Interest Rate of 0.30% p.a. which will be calculated and paid for the first 90 days from the opening date of the Go Account and Boost Saver bundle. Applicants are still required to meet the Monthly Criteria in order to receive the Bonus Interest rate, you will however receive the Promotional Interest rate of 0.30% and the Base Interest Rate of 0.05% p.a. if you do not qualify for the Monthly Criteria. Additional interest only applies to the first Boost Saver opened. After 90 days from the bundled account opening date, the interest rate will revert to either the Highest Variable Interest Rate (Base plus Bonus Interest Rates) or the Base Interest Rate depending on whether Monthly Criteria have been met.

Internet & Phone Fees

Phone Transaction Fee -
Internet Transaction Fee -
Free Electronic Trans. per Month

Counter & Cheque Fees

Counter Deposit Fee -
Counter Withdrawal Fee -
Free Counter Trans. Per Month
Cheque Fee -
Cheque Dishonour Fee -
Debit Item Dishonour Fee -

Overseas Access

Overseas ATM Facilities
Overseas ATM Balance Fee -
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee -
Overseas EFTPOS Fee -
OS Emergency Card Replacement -
Overdrawn Account Fee -
Foreign Transaction Fee