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Gerv Tacadena started his career as a science and technology reporter working in a busy newsroom. Prior to joining the Infochoice Group in 2021, Gerv was a journalist for some notable business news sites and magazines, particularly in Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong. He also writes for other mastheads in the Group, including Your Mortgage, and Your Investment Property Mag.

Gerv's latest articles

Gerv Tacadena

Find out the latest term deposit rate movers this week, 14 July

Several term deposit providers, including ANZ, rolled out increases in their rates for regular and business term deposits.

14 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

ANZ holds firm on stress test amid changes from other majors

ANZ currently has no plans to ease its stress test even if all other majors have already rolled out changes to help refinancers.

12 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Which lenders are increasing their variable rates despite the July RBA hold?

Despite the pause in rate hikes, some lenders are starting to make out-of-cycle increases in variable rates this month.

11 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Capital cities mark longest stretch of rental growth

The property market conditions continue to be favourable to existing investors as rents reach historic highs.

10 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Competition continues to heat up in term deposits despite RBA hold

Competition remains exciting among term deposit providers, with Firstmac and Judo Bank reasserting themselves as the leader in terms of offering the highest ...

07 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

RBA leaves cash rate untouched in July

The Reserve Bank of Australia holds the cash rate as it finds the June economic data not definitive enough to warrant an increase.

04 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Mortgage borrowers continue to switch lenders at near-record levels

The value of new loans and refinancing commitments for housing rose in May, with the latter even reaching a new high in the owner-occupier sector.

03 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Time to lock-in a term deposit? Interest rates could be near the peak

Over the past week, providers like Firstmac and Judo Bank unveiled the industry’s highest rate for 12-month term deposits.

30 Jun 2023
Gerv Tacadena

How long did it take for property prices to double?

Australian home prices took more than 15 years to double based on the current median for May 2023.

30 Jun 2023
Gerv Tacadena

CommBank defies other majors' expectations, says RBA will hold in July

CommBank is expecting the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to leave the cash rate on hold in July before making one final hike in August.

29 Jun 2023
Gerv Tacadena

July rate hike still possible despite drop in inflation

While the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May 2023 showed a significant deceleration, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) might still push through with a rate...

28 Jun 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Are car loan rates being impacted the same way as home loan rates?

The upwards trajectory of cash rate appears to be affecting mortgages more than personal loans, particularly car loans. But is this really the case in the cu...

27 Jun 2023