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Gerv Tacadena started his career as a science and technology reporter working in a busy newsroom. Prior to joining the Infochoice Group in 2021, Gerv was a journalist for some notable business news sites and magazines, particularly in Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong. He also writes for other mastheads in the Group, including Your Mortgage, and Your Investment Property Mag.

Gerv's latest articles

Gerv Tacadena

Find out the latest set of banks cutting their TD rates, 25 August

Several providers, including CommBank and Westpac subsidiaries, continue to slash their term deposit rates over the week ending 25 August.

25 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

This no-interest and no-repayment financing aims to disrupt Australia’s real estate investing

Sydney-based fintech startup MyBrix will be rolling out what it claims to be the world’s first “no-interest and no-repayment property finance&rdq...

23 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

What does CommBank's first-home buyer data reveal about the Home Guarantee Scheme?

First-home buyers participating in the Home Guarantee Scheme are able to improve their equity position since 2020 despite the rate hikes and market downturn,...

21 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Cutting spree continues — check out the latest TD rate cuts, 18 August

Some providers continue to cut their term deposit rates over the week ending 18 August, but other still rolled out increases.

18 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Can the impact of fixed-rate cliff explain the rise in new listings?

The rise in new property listings appears to be preparing the market for a warm spring-selling season — to what extent can this be explained by the bor...

17 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

This home loan has no monthly repayments — how does it work?

Midkey rolls out a “No Monthly Payments” home loan, a first-of-its-kind loan that allows Australians to take advantage of the equity in their hom...

15 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

How does Northern Inland Credit Union’s Capped Home Loan work?

Northern Inland Credit Union (NICU) has introduced a capped home loan, which provides borrowers with certainty against rising interest rates.

14 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Deposit peak over? Banks continue to cut term deposit rates, 11 August

There seems to be a cutting spree among term deposit providers, reducing their rates over the past week.

11 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Here’s why households and small businesses must contact their energy providers now

Australian homeowners and small businesses are urged to reach out to their energy provider as market prices for electricity exceed the regulated safety net.

10 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Overdue trade payments reflect deteriorating business conditions

New research from illion showed how overdue trade obligations in high-risk industries were a strong indicator of the risk of business failure.

09 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

RBA sheds light on how high deposit, lending rates have risen amid hikes

While banks have increased lending and deposit rates, it appears both have risen by less than the cash rate over the Reserve Bank of Australia’s tighte...

07 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Check out these latest TD rate movements, 4 August

Some term deposit (TD) providers adjusted their rates by introducing several cuts over the week ending 4 August, while NAB and ANZ elected to increase.

04 Aug 2023