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Gerv Tacadena started his career as a science and technology reporter working in a busy newsroom. Prior to joining the Infochoice Group in 2021, Gerv was a journalist for some notable business news sites and magazines, particularly in Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong. He also writes for other mastheads in the Group, including Your Mortgage, and Your Investment Property Mag.

Gerv's latest articles

Gerv Tacadena

A quiet week for term deposit rates this week, 6 October

Only a handful of providers made rate adjustments in the term deposit space this week, with AMP, Bank of Sydney, and Firstmac increasing their rates.

06 Oct 2023
Gerv Tacadena

CommBank-backed OwnHome rolls out Deposit Boost Loan

CommBank-backed OwnHome has launched a new financing option that will allow potential homebuyers to enter the housing market without needing to save up for a...

04 Oct 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Cash rate still on hold in October

In her inaugural monetary policy move, RBA Governor Michele Bullock decided to extend the cash-rate freeze in October despite the recent uptick in the monthl...

03 Oct 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Number of stressed mortgage holders at record high

Close to a third of mortgage holders are now at risk of mortgage stress, according to new research from Roy Morgan.

03 Oct 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Check out the biggest term deposit rate movers this week, 29 September

Is the cutting spree among term deposit providers finally over? Judo Bank, ME, and Bank of Queensland are beginning to increase their rates but some players,...

29 Sep 2023
Gerv Tacadena

RACQ Bank introduces cashback offers to new homebuyers, refinancers

While several lenders have discontinued their cashback offers, RACQ Bank has broken from the pack, introducing a new cashback incentive for new home loan app...

28 Sep 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Westpac Group enables cross-brand cash transactions

Westpac Group is expanding access to its brick-and-mortar network across its subsidiaries, allowing its clients to transact at any branch nationwide.

26 Sep 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Mutual bank banks on technology partner to streamline home loan process

BankVic is introducing a new platform in partnership with NextGen that will digitise and automise its home lending process.

25 Sep 2023
Gerv Tacadena

ANZ slashes term deposit rates — find out other rate movers this week, 22 September

Term deposit (TD) providers, including ANZ and Suncorp, continued the reduction in rates over the past week but some are starting to boost their offerings ag...

22 Sep 2023
Gerv Tacadena

CBA underscores Tesla's new financing option

CommBank is providing a low-rate personal loan to Australians who are planning to get themselves a Tesla.

20 Sep 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Westpac’s new digital tools to help Aussies save and monitor upcoming bills

Westpac is rolling out two personalised money management tools that will help their users identify opportunities to save and be alerted with upcoming bills.<...

19 Sep 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Mutual bank expands digital home loan to new home purchases

Newcastle Permanent is opening its Digital Home Loans platform to borrowers seeking financing for their new home purchases.

18 Sep 2023