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Gerv Tacadena started his career as a science and technology reporter working in a busy newsroom. Prior to joining the Infochoice Group in 2021, Gerv was a journalist for some notable business news sites and magazines, particularly in Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong. He also writes for other mastheads in the Group, including Your Mortgage, and Your Investment Property Mag.

Gerv's latest articles

Gerv Tacadena

Victoria records the greatest number of refinancers in FY 2023

The growth in refinancing activity trumped the increase in new home loans issued over the 2023 financial year, according to the latest PEXA Mortgage Insights...

03 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Rate pause continues, leaving RBA cash rate at 4.10%

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to hold the cash rate again, leaving it at 4.10%.

01 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Rate hikes keep refinancing levels high in June

The value of total home loan refinancing remained high, despite the monthly fall in June.

01 Aug 2023
Gerv Tacadena

CommSec rolls out international share trading platform

CommSec has set up a new platform that will help Australians investors get access to 13 international equity markets.

31 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Majors roll out changes to term deposit rates, 28 July

Three major banks rolled out increases in their term deposit rates, a week prior to the August monetary policy decision of the Reserve Bank of Australia.


28 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Credit demand slows as Aussies spend less amid rising costs

More Australian mortgage holders and auto loan borrowers are falling behind their payments as demand for credit slows down amid rising costs of living and in...

25 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Mutual bank rolls out digital home loans for refinancers

Newcastle Permanent and Greater Bank’s merged outfit has rolled out digital home loans which is initially available to refinancers and will be offered ...

24 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Check out the latest term deposit rate movers this week, 21 July

This week has seen various movements in term deposit rates — while Westpac reduced its 6-month special rates across its brands, other institutions are ...

21 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Will the impending peak in interest rates indicate a potential halt in surging rents?

The looming end to rate hikes could potentially bring a sigh of relief to renters who have been grappling with the skyrocketing rents.

20 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

Risk of defaulting on the rise among Australian borrowers

Illion's Credit Stress Barometer suggests that the likelihood of Australian borrowers defaulting on their loans is on the rise.

19 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

More Aussies to receive $500 in matched savings through nationwide rollout of ANZ's Saver Plus

After assisting over 57,000 Australians since 2003, ANZ-backed Saver Plus is now available across the nation with up to $500 on offer for eligible participan...

18 Jul 2023
Gerv Tacadena

How non-bank lenders are helping borrowers amid rate hikes

Australian borrowers are increasingly turning to non-bank lenders for their home loan needs, but what do they actually provide amid a rising rate environment...

17 Jul 2023