Which shares are HOT to buy in December 2019?

In 2019, the ASX S&P200, {ASX chart from TradingEconomics.com] the market measure based on the top two hundred company share prices listed on the Australian [...]

POSTED ON December 17, 2019
Your guide to online share brokers in Australia

The rise of online share trading platforms has democratised trading by making it more accessible to “regular” people. You don’t need to visit and hire [...]

POSTED ON August 23, 2019
Your guide to margin loans

When you think about borrowing money in order to invest it, the first thing you’ll probably imagine is an investment home loan. You borrow a [...]

POSTED ON August 21, 2019
Billion-dollar bank compo bonanza

Which banks are paying compensation to investors? Banks and financial institutions will pay about one billion dollars in total compensation to investors and customers for [...]

POSTED ON August 7, 2019
How to buy and sell shares in Australia

By far the most common way to buy and sell shares in Australia is on its share market, using either a broker or a stockbroking [...]

POSTED ON July 26, 2019
CommSec Pocket lets you invest with just $50

Commonwealth Bank’s online brokerage, CommSec, has launched a new mobile phone app called CommSec Pocket. CommSec Pocket is aimed at savers who perhaps have not [...]

POSTED ON July 24, 2019
Are bonds a smart investment?

You have heard of shares, property, term deposits and savings accounts but are you on top of bonds as an investment vehicle? Bonds are often [...]

POSTED ON July 3, 2019
Do I need a financial adviser?

You might like trading in shares, comparing returns on managed funds, looking at interest rates on term deposits and researching property deals yourself. You love [...]

POSTED ON May 28, 2019
ASIC awards scam prizes

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission has launched "Pie in the Sky" awards for the scams of the year. The top prize for 2002 goes [...]

POSTED ON April 3, 2019
Do you understand your investment loans?

A Westpac financial adviser, Robert Tindall, provided negligent and misleading advice to Westpac Sunshine Coast customers Mark and Loretta Jamieson who did not understand their [...]

POSTED ON April 14, 2015
Westpoint investors get $1.4 million

A group of investors in the failed Westpoint Group stand to receive over $1.39 million in compensation in a settlement reached by ASIC against Queensland [...]

POSTED ON December 7, 2011
Westpac forced to drop ‘stress-free’ investments

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has rapped Westpac over the knuckles for publishing a guide to geared equity investment titled: "Stress-free Strategies to Accelerate [...]

POSTED ON December 2, 2011
NAB winning customers in deposits cards & loans

National Australia Bank is continuing to win market share in key lending and deposit areas from its big bank competitors. NAB increased its total lending [...]

POSTED ON December 2, 2011
HSBC has 24hr forex for world citizens

HSBC Bank Australia has launched a 24-hour foreign exchange trading service with live pricing. The service, Get Rate, is for retail and small-business customers. HSBC [...]

POSTED ON November 30, 2011
Investors look to buy in Brisbane

Residential investment opportunities are swelling in Brisbane as clearance rates drop well below other capital cities this weekend, says leading accounting firm Chan & Naylor. [...]

POSTED ON September 22, 2010
Deposits still popular with investors

Cash savings products became very popular during the global financial crisis years of 2008 and 2009. SMSF investors led the market in adopting online savings [...]

POSTED ON July 19, 2010
Investors like ANZ

ANZ has emerged as the major bank most in favour with banking sector analysts after the latest round of interim and quarterly reports. Among the [...]

POSTED ON March 12, 2010
Bendigo gets tough on forestry investors

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank filed legal claims against a select group of investors in the tax-effective forestry schemes managed by Great Southern. Only three investors [...]

POSTED ON February 2, 2010
Investors still have lots of cash

Investors with self-managed superannuation funds have increased their allocation to equities from 32 per cent in December 2008 to 42 per cent in December 2009 [...]

POSTED ON January 19, 2010
Investors still paying sales commissions

Many investors who invested directly into a retail managed investment fund, or even those who have been advised to put their money into a retail [...]

POSTED ON December 9, 2009
Heritage offers investors 10% for 5 years

Heritage Building Society today announced the launch of an ASX listed subordinated debt transaction, to raise approximately $30 million, with the ability to raise more [...]

POSTED ON September 18, 2009
NAB shafts mum and dad investors

National Australia Bank is coming under increasing criticism from small shareholders over its institutional share placements and Share Purchase Plans. Some prominent media identities have [...]

POSTED ON September 8, 2009
Young investors are clueless

Young ‘generation Y’ investors have unrealistic expectations about the level of returns they can expect and don’t know how to invest to meet their high [...]

POSTED ON August 28, 2009
Investors urged to protect themselves

League tables released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority highlighting the poor performance of major superannuation funds are yet another reminder to investors of the [...]

POSTED ON August 25, 2009
Police tracking down fleeced investors

Police are still trying to track down investors who joined up to an alleged conman’s investment scheme. 218 investors have so far been identified and [...]

POSTED ON July 30, 2009
$25K profit for super investors

Not-for-profit superannuation funds have outperformed retail master trust funds by more than 2.3 per cent a year for the past 10 years, according to the [...]

POSTED ON July 28, 2009
Investors paying for guarantees

Around 50 per cent of all deposits are covered by guarantees announced by the Australian government in October 2008. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and [...]

POSTED ON July 28, 2009
Fees eat up investment returns

Superannuation investors get better returns when they invest in low cost passively managed index funds than in actively managed funds according to new research by [...]

POSTED ON July 6, 2009
Super investors doing it for themselves

Self-managed funds grew in number and asset value over the year to June 2008, a testament to the determination of the do-it-yourself set. APRA recorded [...]

POSTED ON July 3, 2009
Deposit guarantee drives DIY investors

The government guarantee on deposits and do it yourself attitude are driving renewed interest in self managed super. Good investment returns by big super funds [...]

POSTED ON June 9, 2009
Most don’t understand investing

The wealth management industry does not meet best practice benchmarks in any area of its operations, it does not meet the needs of the average [...]

POSTED ON April 22, 2009
Commercial funds getting good investment returns

Retail mastertrusts have outperformed industry superannuation funds within the growth investment option for the first time since mid 2008. The commercial funds outperformed the not-for-profits [...]

POSTED ON April 22, 2009
Infochoice Smart Investor Awards Survey

InfoChoice would like your help in judging the upcoming AFR Smart Investor Awards. We want to know how you rank the most important factors based [...]

POSTED ON April 16, 2009
Bendigo mums and dads invest more

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's big retail shareholder base gave the bank a vote of confidence by buying $80 million of shares in the bank's capital [...]

POSTED ON December 24, 2008
Investors rush to bank deposits

Investors continued to choose bank deposits in October over shares and other investment options. More than $11 billion was deposited in banks, credit unions and [...]

POSTED ON December 1, 2008
Worried investors moving to cash

Share market investors are fleeing plummeting markets and looking for the safety of bank deposit products. The amount of money on deposit in banks has [...]

POSTED ON September 29, 2008
City Pacific investors must wait

Investors in City Pacific Mortgage Fund will be made to wait up to a further 180 days for any redemption request, dragging out the waiting [...]

POSTED ON July 29, 2008
Investors worried by extent of US Fed action

Interventions by the US Federal Reserve intended to boost the economy are being increasingly seen by investors as signs of desperation and only serving to [...]

POSTED ON March 18, 2008
Investors pick on the wrong AFG

Cranky investors in troubled Allco Finance Group have been taking out their frustrations on the wrong company. Allco's share price has lost more than $6 [...]

POSTED ON March 11, 2008
ASIC questions disclosure rules

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission said yesterday that 44 per cent of consumers can't read well enough to understand investment disclosures and only 20 [...]

POSTED ON February 19, 2008
Westpoint investors still looking for cash

Two years after the collapse of the Westpoint group investors are still waiting to see any of their cash. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission [...]

POSTED ON January 22, 2008
Bargain hunters scour share market

The Australian share market has fallen 16 per cent over the last two and a half months but some say there are now good deals [...]

POSTED ON January 21, 2008
Tougher year ahead for investors

While the Australian share market has posted double-digit returns for each of the past four years, the outlook for 2008 is uncertain. Valuations currently forecast [...]

POSTED ON January 2, 2008
Concern about investment commissions

The funds management industry in Australia is expanding at a rapid rate, growing from 50 per cent of GDP in 1990 to $1.7 trillion or [...]

POSTED ON December 13, 2007
Tough new rules for investment schemes

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has moved to protect consumers by introducing new rules for issuers of unlisted debentures. As debts from losses on [...]

POSTED ON November 2, 2007
Investors not happy with ANZ

Investors hammered ANZ's share price following the bank's profit announcement yesterday despite reporting a 13.3 per cent rise in annual profit to a record of [...]

POSTED ON October 26, 2007
Now not the time to buy shares

During the worst of the sharemarket correction in August, calls on margin loans hit their highest point in six years. Most were able to make [...]

POSTED ON October 17, 2007
Business investment pushes GDP up

The economy grew by 4.3 per cent in the year to June, and was up by 0.9 per cent in the quarter, placing further pressure [...]

POSTED ON September 5, 2007
Investors take low-doc option

Low doc home loans now make up 10 per cent of all mortgage approvals, up from just 0.5 per cent in 2000. Low doc loans [...]

POSTED ON August 29, 2007
Water investment plan floated

A plan has been suggested which would allow investors to buy water and dedicate it to environmental use in a bid to obtain private support [...]

POSTED ON August 28, 2007
Becton lifeline for Fincorp investors

Becton Property Group has offered Fincorp investors 50 cents in the dollar on their original investments as well as an opportunity to reinvest their proceeds [...]

POSTED ON August 15, 2007
Equities markets brace for sell off

The continued sell off in US equities markets has local analysts tipping a further sell off in the Australian markets. The Dow Jones was off [...]

POSTED ON July 30, 2007
Fund has to start investing at the top

Investing of the $51 billion Future Fund is set to begin at the end of this financial year, irrespective of concerns the fund would be [...]

POSTED ON June 18, 2007
Stockmarket recovers

Yesterday the All Ordinaries index rose 104.5 points to 5831.8 points, as investors followed a positive session on Wall Street and targeted financial stocks sold [...]

POSTED ON March 16, 2007
Sceptics query Macquarie’s growth spurt

The latest surge in the share price of Macquarie Bank will have the cynics wondering whether the success of the "Macquarie model" is too good [...]

POSTED ON September 28, 2005
Rates likely to remain steady in June

The chances of further interest rate rises this year remain finely balanced at the moment but the Reserve Bank is likely to leave rates on [...]

POSTED ON May 27, 2005
CBA on the nose with staff and investors

One third of staff working at Commonwealth Bank fear losing their job under the bank’s "Which new bank" restructuring program, a survey conducted by the [...]

POSTED ON January 17, 2005
Take tax into account for investment planning

When judging performance, investors often look at the wrong number, since many published comparisons of investment performance do not take into account tax. For example, [...]

POSTED ON October 19, 2004
Murdoch lobbies investors over US move

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch said yesterday he had no choice but to move the group's domicile to the US to increase its share value. [...]

POSTED ON August 19, 2004
Investors unhappy with fund manager fees

The level of fees and charges remains investors' biggest gripe with their managed investments, a survery has found. One third of unhappy investors listed fees [...]

POSTED ON August 6, 2004
Tax office takes joy out of buybacks

Share buybacks are likely to become more complex and less attractive to investors after the ATO's final determination on the assessment of the market value [...]

POSTED ON July 1, 2004
Telstra hands back $4.5bn to investors

Telstra has announced it will focus on its existing local businesses and lift payments to shareholders, returning $1.5 billion to shareholders every year for the [...]

POSTED ON June 22, 2004
Investor madness: Emotions cost us money

A Macquarie Bank study shows that most people are unable to put aside their emotions when making investment decisions. They're often over-optimistic when making investments, [...]

POSTED ON March 30, 2004
Investment lending ‘slows to reality’

Developers and analysts have welcomed the slowdown in property investment loans saying that further falls are likely. Private developer Kevin Seymour said the decrease in [...]

POSTED ON March 18, 2004
Apartment investors seek get-out clauses

With Melbourne's inner-city apartment market facing massive oversupply, many investors are seeking legal loopholes to avoid settling on off-the-plan purchases. According to law firm Jerrard [...]

POSTED ON February 23, 2004
Tax slug lurks for investors

Thousands of property investors may not qualify for capital gains and negative gearing tax concessions if their investments were made with the objective of quick [...]

POSTED ON January 5, 2004
Investors cold on prospectuses: survey

Most investors do not rely on prospectuses for investment decisions and regard them as little more than application tools or legal documents, a study by [...]

POSTED ON December 8, 2003
Relief for fund investors

Fund managers enjoyed the best results for three years in the September quarter with the average return at 2.9 per cent. For the same quarter [...]

POSTED ON October 8, 2003
Dual-listings ‘dud investors’

The Australian Council of Super Investors claims that shareholder rights are being weakened by the legal structure used by dual-listed companies, such as BHP Billiton, [...]

POSTED ON September 30, 2003
Big stocks cost small investors

Small investors' attachment to companies such as AMP and Qantas has cost them money in 2003. CommSec's Mums and Dads index has risen only 12.8 [...]

POSTED ON August 20, 2003
Loan conditions get tighter for investors

If you've signed up to buy an investment property off the plan, paid a 10 per cent deposit and don't expect to worry about finance [...]

POSTED ON August 15, 2003
Renters win as investors hurt

It's a renters' market across Australia with too many properties available to let and not enough tenants. An oversupply of rental properties, particularly in Sydney [...]

POSTED ON August 6, 2003
Investors return to online trading

Nielsen/NetRatings' Online Broking Index survey shows there's been a 20 per cent rise in online broking activity in the last six months. The share trading [...]

POSTED ON July 30, 2003
Investors to get slice of the pie

Small investors may be able to buy shares in Australia's top-selling meat pie brand, Four'n Twenty, as a result of plans by new owner Patties [...]

POSTED ON July 16, 2003
Govt caves in on investor rules

The Federal Government is expected to water down laws protecting investors from getting bad advice from financial planners and stockbrokers. The Financial Services Reform Act [...]

POSTED ON July 3, 2003
Tweed lures Pivot investors

David Tweed is now targeting shareholders in Victorian fertiliser co-operative Pivot, expected to list on the ASX in July. Tweed is offering Pivot's shareholders $3 [...]

POSTED ON May 9, 2003
Well-off invest in ‘protected equity’

Wealthy professionals are now moving into so-called "protected" equity investments after having made a killing in the property market. Macquarie Bank says the majority of [...]

POSTED ON April 1, 2003
ASIC tells RetireInvest to smarten up act

Financial planner RetireInvest has told the Australian Securities & Investments Commission it will tighten up its compliance procedures and improve supervision of advisers following a [...]

POSTED ON February 28, 2003
Worst to come, experts tell investors

Delegates to a CEDA economic outlook conference being held in Melbourne have been told that investors face more bad news with both international and domestic [...]

POSTED ON February 7, 2003
Investors facing big losses: RBA

The governor of the Reserve Bank says rental housing investors are facing "very big losses" as the housing market cools. This group is now contributing [...]

POSTED ON December 10, 2002
CBA addresses investor concerns

Commonwealth Bank has moved to quell investor concerns about recent management changes and fears about its capital strength. Chairman John Ralph responded to an ASX [...]

POSTED ON November 29, 2002
Advisers losing investors’ confidence

Research by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission indicates that the financial planning industry could be losing the confidence of customers, due to its emphasis [...]

POSTED ON November 21, 2002
Investors still look OS, selectively

Australians are still investing overseas despite the global sharemarket rout, according to the latest figures from Assirt. International shares remain the most favoured destination for [...]

POSTED ON November 15, 2002
Share volumes still going strong

The Australian Stock Exchange recorded its busiest October ever last month, despite terrorist attacks and a volatile US market. The average daily trade total in [...]

POSTED ON November 5, 2002
Super fund must cover investor’s loss

The Federal Court has ruled that Asgard Capital Management must cover an investor's $245,000 loss. The court ruled that the superannuation provider breached the law [...]

POSTED ON November 1, 2002
New investor option for SME owners

An innovative scheme which would allow private business owners to sell parts of their companies to investors, who then become partners, has been launched by [...]

POSTED ON October 16, 2002
Mohl soothes AMP investors

AMP's acting CEO Andrew Mohl restored some much-needed market confidence yesterday by ruling out any immediate need for a capital injection to aid its UK [...]

POSTED ON September 27, 2002
Perth investor wins tax deduction

A Perth schoolteacher has had her investment in a failed cattle scheme allowed as a tax deduction, in a decision which could affect up to [...]

POSTED ON September 18, 2002
Defrauded investors may get compo

Investors who are defrauded, fall prey to thieves or are victims of bad advice may in future be able to apply for compensation for financial [...]

POSTED ON September 10, 2002
Investor confidence waning

TD Waterhouse conducted a survey of 200 investors in August and found that only 17 per cent believed that the Australian economy has improved over [...]

POSTED ON September 5, 2002
Bourse Data to relieve St George of Quicktrade

St George will increase its interest in Bourse Data with the sale of Quicktrade and ASSIRT. This week Bourse Data shareholders approved a proposal allowing [...]

POSTED ON June 27, 2000
More than just cheap trades

A report released by www.consult.com.au Pty Ltd last week revealed large variations in the time it took online brokers to process trades. The largest variation [...]

POSTED ON June 21, 2000
The goal posts have moved

While the NASDAQ was swinging wildly during February and March, trading volumes via online brokers reached new records on each of the following days. Each [...]

POSTED ON May 22, 2000