The completely online bank – previously known as RaboDirect – offers you flexibility with your money. One application gives you automatic access to all products and offerings without the need for multiple applications.

This no fee bank was founded by farmers in 1898 to give rural communities access to fair financing. Their core value is creating value for their clients and the rural communities where they work. A strong commitment to the agricultural sector, with a cooperative structure that reinvests 100% of deposits into Australian agribusiness.

What products does Rabobank offer to its customers?

Please see the table below for a list of available products.


Rabobank Online Savings High Interest Savings Account

Max Interest rate($10,000) Base Interest rate($10,000) 0.25

Rabobank Online Savings Notice Saver 31

Max Interest rate($10,000) Base Interest rate($10,000) 0.55

Rabobank Online Savings Notice Saver 60

Max Interest rate($10,000) Base Interest rate($10,000) 0.60

Rabobank Online Savings Notice Saver 90

Max Interest rate($10,000) Base Interest rate($10,000) 0.70

Rabobank Online Savings Premium Saver

Max Interest rate($10,000) Base Interest rate($10,000) 0.10

SMSF High Interest Savings

Max Interest rate($10,000) Base Interest rate($10,000) 0.25

What savings accounts do Rabobank offer?

Saving with Rabobank has a dual purpose of helping you achieve your savings goals whilst also helping Aussie farmers grow. 100% of all deposits saved with Rabobank goes to support local farmers bring food to our tables. Savings accounts are open to anyone wanting to grow their savings.

  • High interest account saver – offering up to 1.5% p.a. up to $250,000 with a bonus introductory rate for new customers. No minimum balance, no account keeping fees and three tiers of interest based on your balance.
  • PremiumSaver- designed to reward you for forming good savings habits, you receive the maximum interest rate by increasing your balance by $200 each month. No account keeping fees or minimum balance, with the flexibility to access your funds throughout the month.
  • Notice Saver – makes you for wait or give notice before withdrawing funds. Choose from 31, 60 and 90 day options. Earn up to 0.70% p.a. on balances up to $250,000.

What deposits accounts are offered by Rabobank?

  • Term Deposits – start with just $1,000 and earn 0.50% p.a. fixed interest on a one year term deposit. Earn a bonus 0.10% loyalty bonus when you automatically reinvest. Get your interest paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

What is online banking like with Rabobank?

As an online bank, Rabobank offers a secure internet banking platform that needs a DigiPass to access. You can see your transactions over the last 18 months, and can make transfers to linked bank accounts – although this can take up to 3 business days.
Once your DigiPass is setup you can login to the mobile app. Once setup you can use a simple 5 digit pin for future access.

What are some of the positives of banking with Rabobank?

  • Introductory and bonus rates – Rabobank offers an introductory bonus rate offer for new customers, and often has bonus rates if you meet certain criteria.
  • No fees – Rabobank proudly offers all their products with no fees.
  • A saver for every saver – Rabobank have a variety of saver options to best suit your savings approach, or combat those bad habits like transferring out of your savings (hello Notice Saver).
    Ability to link accounts – Rabobank allows you to link your transaction account from your existing bank to your Rabobank savings account.

What are some of the considerations with Rabobank?

  • Online only – Rabobank does not have any physical branches with all banking completed online.
  • Conditions apply – the bonus rate offers on all Rabobank accounts often come with specific conditions you must meet in order to receive the bonus interest.
  • Must have a high interest savings account – regardless of what account you actually want, all applicants for Rabobank must first open a high interest savings account prior to any other Rabobank accounts.

How do I apply for an account with Rabobank?

An application for Rabobank can be completed online in a few minutes. You will need to provide adequate identification and which accounts you would prefer to use.

All account holders with Rabobank must be aged over 18 and as well as Australian residents you must be physically residing in Australia. You will need to show proof of an Australian residential address and a current Australian bank account.

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