Bendigo Bright credit card

The Bright card has the lowest fees across Bendigo’s range of credit cards. Balance transfers are available, and there is no fee for additional card holders

Bendigo Ready credit card

The Ready card has higher rates than Bright, but no annual fees. It also comes with additional perks, including $0 fee on international transactions and up to 90 consecutive days' complimentary travel insurance for cardholders under 76 years old. Once again, there are no fees for additional card holders, and balance transfers are available.

Bendigo rewards cards

At the premium end of Bendigo’s credit card products are its rewards cards, Platinum and Qantas. Both allow customers to earn points from using the card for purchases. They differ in that the Platinum rewards card earns Bendigo rewards points, which can be redeemed for a range of goods and services, while the Qantas card will earn Qantas points. The Qantas card also comes with free Qantas frequent flyer membership.

Rewards are earned as follows:

  • Platinum rewards: 1.5 Bendigo points for every dollar spent

  • Qantas rewards: 0.6 Qantas points for every dollar spent, up to 20,000 in an eligible period

Bendigo credit card review

Who can get a credit card with Bendigo?

Customers applying for a Bendigo credit card need to be over 18, not bankrupt or insolvent and apply in their own name. Bendigo cards are also only available for Australian citizens, permanent residents, or holders of an eligible visa applying for permanent residency who have a minimum of 12 months remaining on their visa.

The following visa subclasses are acceptable:

  • 188

  • 489

  • 491

  • 494

  • 482 (excluding short term stream)

To get a Bendigo credit card, customers will also need to demonstrate they receive a regular income.

Bendigo credit card terms and fees

Annual fee

Interest free period (Purchases)

Minimum credit limit

Purchase protection (stolen, accidentally damaged or permanently lost purchases)

Bendigo Bright


Up to 55 days


No liability for unauthorised transactions

Bendigo Ready


Up to 55 days


90 days

Platinum Rewards


Up to 55 days


90 days

Qantas Rewards


Up to 55 days


90 days