“Coles offers a simple range of three credit cards that cater for a variety of needs – all with the ability to be rewarded with Flybuys points for your everyday spending,” a spokesperson told InfoChoice.

Credit card offerings 

Available from Coles?

Rewards credit card

Low interest credit card

Low fee credit card

No interest credit card

Balance transfer

International travel insurance 

Coles credit card review

If you’re eying off a Coles credit card, you have a handful of choices. The supermarket operator can provide a rewards credit card, a no fee credit card, and a low interest rate credit card. 

Coles also allows customers access to instalment plans, letting them split their purchases over smaller monthly instalments, as well as complimentary insurance on the items bought with a Coles credit card and access to travel and accommodation services in many cities around the world. 

All Coles credit cards offer 55 days' interest free on retail purchases and have a $1,000 minimum credit limit. Coles charges a $30 late payment fee on its credit card products. 

“All Coles credit cards give you the ability to add your card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay for quick and secure payments on the go; plus, all of our cards are protected by the Coles Shield – three layers of advanced defence to help protect you against fraud for extra peace of mind,” a spokesperson said.

Rewards Mastercard

First up is the Coles Rewards Mastercard, able to “make your everyday more rewarding” a Coles spokesperson noted. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this offering provides cardholders with the ability to collect additional Flybuys points. 

While the average shopper at Coles will earn one Flybuys point per $1 spent, those with a Coles Rewards Mastercard will earn as many as three points per $1. At other retailers, they could earn up to two points per $1 spent up to $3,000 in a statement period, after which the rate drops to one point per $1 spent. 

The card comes with a $99 annual fee and those paying with it won’t be slugged with international transaction fees for purchases made online or overseas.

No Annual Fee Mastercard

The Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard is pretty much as the name suggests: A credit card that demands no annual fee. Its a “low cost, simple credit card”, according to a Coles spokesperson.

Those spending with the card can earn one Flybuys point for every $2 spent on eligible purchases and receive complimentary insurance on the items bought with it.

Low Rate Mastercard

The final credit card product offered by Coles is its Low Rate Mastercard which – you guessed it – offers a lower variable interest rate than its other products. 

The supermarket operator’s low rate card comes with a $58 annual fee. It also allows users to collect one Flybuys point for every $2 spent at Coles supermarkets.