“A Coles personal loan is a flexible line of credit that you can use for a range of purchases such as household goods, travel, and more,” a spokesperson told InfoChoice.

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Coles personal loan review

A Coles personal loan allows borrowers access to between $2,000 and $50,000, with non-Flybuys members only able to borrow up to $20,000. The supermarket operator’s personal loan products can be paid back in three to five years and come with a linked debit card, allowing access to a line of credit. 

Flybuys members are also offered a lower personalised interest rate than non-Flybuys members. 

Coles personal loans are now underwritten by NAB after the big four bank purchased Citigroup’s Australian consumer business in 2022. 


One potential benefit a Coles personal loan offers over its competitors is the option for borrowers to earn extra Flybuys points. 

Normally, a person shopping at Coles or another retailer that provides Flybuys points (Kmart, Bunnings, Target, and Officeworks, to name a few) will earn one Flybuys point for each $1 spent. Those holding a Coles personal loan can see that increased to 2 Flybuys points for every $1 spent at Coles, up to 1,000 extra points a month. Every 2,000 Flybuys points could see a shopper receive a $10 discount on their supermarket spend.

Line of credit

Coles personal loans come with a line of credit feature, allowing a borrower to access their available credit limit by shopping with an attached Coles Personal Loan Debit Mastercard.

By doing so, they might be able to access more than the initial value of their loan without reapplying. However, all money owed will accrue interest.

Managing personal loan

There are a number of ways to manage a Coles personal loan. For the tech savvy, there is both an online platform and the Coles Wallet App. The not-so-tech-savvy can manage their loan over the phone.


There are a few fees a person looking to sign up to a Coles personal loan should be aware of. The first is an establishment fee of $199 and the second is a $10 monthly fee. 

Those making international purchases on their linked card will incur a fee of 2.5% of the transaction’s value and those making repayments via Australia Post will be dealt a $2.25 fee. 

A Coles personal loan doesn’t demand any cash advance or early payment fees.


To be eligible for a Coles personal loan, a person must be over the age of 18, receiving a regular income, and a permanent Australian resident. They also need to have a good credit rating.

The application process should take around 15 minutes if a person has all their information on hand, and a response can be expected in around 60 seconds.