Harmoney offers unsecured personal loans with fixed interest rates tailored to the borrowers’ credit history and other financial circumstances. 

What personal loans are available at Harmoney?

Its personal loans are designed to fund home improvement, debt consolidation, weddings, dream holidays, business-related costs, education expenses, and medical bills, among other acceptable purposes. 

Personal loan products

Available via Harmoney?

Fixed rate personal loan

Variable rate personal loan

Low credit personal loan

Personal loan for cars

Secured personal loans

Borrowers can take out personal loans starting at $2,000 to $70,000 with personalised rates and fixed repayment terms of 3, 5, and up to 7 years. 

Refinancing with a loan Top Up

Customers with existing loans with Harmoney can apply to borrow additional funds should the need arise, e.g. an additional, out-of-budget expense cropped up during a home renovation. 

To be eligible for a Top Up, applicants must have demonstrated an excellent track record of on-time repayments (at least six consecutive months). They must also meet all financial obligations to other creditors such as utility providers and other lenders. 

Eligible borrowers will be notified by Harmoney after six months. Those who are not notified but are keen to apply may be asked to provide details about their current financial situation and if it has changed since their application. 

How to secure a lower interest rate on your personal loan?

A top-notch credit score can better your chance of a low rate with Harmoney. 

Loans it offers are unsecured, meaning Harmoney will not require borrowers to provide an asset as security, focusing instead on lending based on creditworthiness assessed through advanced technology. Those with excellent credit may be eligible for the lender’s lowest interest rate. 

Through a soft credit pull, applicants can get an initial rate estimate from Harmoney without impacting their credit score – which a full credit enquiry does. Customers are not obligated to commit to a rate they’ve been quoted, especially if it’s higher than expected. Those who find their rates favourable, however, can proceed with the loan application.  

What are the features of Harmoney’s personal loans? 

As a lender, Harmoney focuses on fairness and user-friendliness in delivering its products and services.  

✔️Unsecured loans – Borrowers don’t need to provide an asset as security

✔️Personalised rates – Interest rates are tailored to each applicant’s credit history and risk profile; low-risk borrowers get low rates, high risks are dealt with higher rates 

✔️Fixed interest – Interest payments will remain the same throughout the life of the loan 

✔️Flexible repayments – Borrowers can make repayments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, plus an option to pay early without incurring any penalties 

✔️Quick application process – The entire process is done online and each applicant is assessed using data and technology to ensure a quick turnaround time

✔️Loan top-ups – Existing customers with a proven track record of on-time repayments may be eligible to borrow additional money 

✔️No monthly fees – No ongoing fee is charged throughout the loan’s lifetime

What are the fees charged to customers?

While Harmoney doesn’t charge any admin or ongoing fee, customers may be subject to other costs associated with their loans. 


Fee each

Loan establishment fee

$275 for loans below $5,000

$575 for loans $5,000 and above

Monthly account fee


Early repayment fee


Dishonour fee


These are correct at the time of writing and are subject to change.

How to apply for a personal loan at Harmoney

To be eligible for a personal loan with Harmoney, applicants must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Australia or New Zealand, and have a stable income. 

Initially, would-be borrowers will be asked to get their personalised interest rate via the lender’s website.

If they want to proceed after getting their estimate, applicants must provide the following information and documents to support their loan application:

  • Proof of identity (a valid driver’s licence or passport)

  • Proof of residence (recent rate bills or lease agreements showing address)

  • Proof of income (recent payslips for employed; personal and business accounts in the last three months and tax returns for self-employed)

  • List of assets (savings, property, shares)

  • List of liabilities (existing debts)

  • List of daily expenses (food, housing, medical care, etc.)

  • Purpose of the loan

When all details and documents are ready, customers can complete the application online and submit the required documents for verification. Once approved, the loan amount will be deposited to the borrower’s nominated bank account. 

Harmoney promises quick turnaround times as loan applications and approvals are processed using proprietary machine-learning models. Most approved loans are funded within 24 hours, and will be received within 1-3 business days.