La Trobe Financial

La Trobe Financial is one of Australia’s oldest non-bank lenders and one of  the most active in the lending space.

La Trobe was established in 1952 in Victoria as a family business and specialist residential lender. It became one of the fastest growing permanent building societies in the stare during the 1970s and by 1975 was of used exclusively in wholesale mortgage banking operations.

In 1986, La Trobe Financial received the National Award for ‘Innovation in Housing Finance’, presented by then Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

The company has since grown into a significant credit specialist.

Since 1952, La Trobe Financial has funded over $36 billion in credit to more than 205,000 clients and currently has $12 billion assets under management.

La Trobe’s investors include large global institutions, major Australian banks, family offices, fund managers and 55,000 everyday investors in its Credit Fund.

In 2017, La Trobe entered into a strategic partnership with leading investment firm, Blackstone, which has $649 billion in assets under management globally.  Blackstone took an 80% equity stake in the still privately owned company, with the final 20% owned by CEO Greg O’Neil.

La Trobe Financial has a range of investment and residential solutions products and offers real estate credit, fixed interest investments and private wealth management, as well as insurance products including travel, home and contents, car and landlord.

La Trobe Financial

Lite Doc – Self Employed

Rate 3.79
Rate 4.03

Non-Resident Residential

Rate 5.59
Rate 6.05

Residential Construction Loan

Rate 7.29
Rate 7.61

Salary Full Doc

Rate 2.79
Rate 3.05


Residential Loans

As you would expect from a residential loan specialist, La Trobe Financial has a range of products to suit the needs of a wide array of people.

Employed Full Doc

The Employed Full Doc Loan is available for employed and self-employed borrowers who can fully verify their income. The minimum loan amount is $100,000, while the maximum is $25 million, which requires a 75% LVR. Maximum LVR is 95%, however anything over 80% required Mortgage Lenders Insurance. This is a principal and interest loan for a maximum term of 30 years. You can make extra repayments at any time.  An application fee of $995 is required.

Self Employed Full Doc

Similar to the Employed Full Doc in that it is for those who can verify their income. Self- employed borrowers must provide two years of earnings. A maximum interest only term of five years applies to this loan. This reverts to principal and interest at a 0.40% loading to the interest rate. A no charge redraw facility is available and a $995 application fees applies.

Self Employed Lite Doc

For self-employed borrowers who need to provide alternative proof of income, which can include BAS or a letter from your accountant. Interest rates are high, but the loan can be given for any purpose. The application fee is 0.75% of the loan.

Construction loan

The residential construction loans are a popular choice among borrowers who are looking to build a primary residence or investment property. The loan is for the construction of a single level dwelling and is available for full and lite doc borrowers. You can borrow up to 2.5 million, with a maximum LVR of 75%. It cannot exceed 80% of total development cost. Application fee is 1.25% of the loan amount. Maximum loan term is 30 years and the maximum interest only term is five years, before reverting to principal and interest.

SMSF Residential

This loan is suitable for Australian residents with an existing SMSF who want to purchase or refinance an existing residential investment property as a single asset. Again, this is a high interest loan. Verification required includes 80$ rental income, SMSF contribution statement and income verified at 3.9%. Maximum loan amount is $1.5 million with a maximum LVR of 80%. There is an application fee of $995.

Everyday Heroes

If you are an emergency service worker, this could be the loan for you. La Trobe offers frontline workers including Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Australian Defence Force and Emergency Medical Services workers, discounted loan pricing. Both Full Doc and Lite Doc loans are available. The Lite Doc loan has a slightly higher interest rate and an application fee of 0.75%, compared with the standard $995 for the full doc loan.

International Borrower

Over one million Australians live and work overseas, many of whom are looking to buy a residential or investment property for their return home. Australian property holders living overseas may also want to access equity, or refinance to consolidate debt. These requests are generally not catered by existing financiers. La Trobe has created the International Borrower Loans product to service non-resident and expatriate borrowers.

The Expatriate Loan offers a slightly lower interest rate for fully verified income earners only. This loan allows up to $15 million in borrowings at a 70% LVR for this amount. You can however, borrow as little as $100,000. Redraw is available and an application fee of 0.75% applies.

The non-resident loan has a higher interest rate and is available for international borrowers who want to invest in Australian real estate with Foreign Investment Review Boards (FIRB) approval. Maximum LVR is 75% and maximum loan term is 25 years. No redraw is available and an application fee of 1.50% and 1% non-resident premium is charged.


Other residential home loans

La Trobe also offer:

  • Rural Residential Loans to help borrowers purchase or refinance non-metro rural properties of up to 100 acres for personal or investment purposes.
  • Aged Care covers the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) and is designed to reduce family stress during emotional times.
  • Parent 2 Child (P2C) helps parents support their children by giving them a unique way to purchase property.
  • Bridging loan to mitigate the period between the sale of one property and the purchase of another.


Commercial loans

As with the residential loans, there are a range of commercial loans to choose from including:

  • Lite Doc for the purchase or refinance of commercial property including retail shops, offices, light industrial and warehouses.
  • Lease Doc suited for purchase, refinance or equity release. Full lease agreement verification is required.
  • SMSF for those who want to invest in commercial property as part of their superannuation portfolio.
  • Development for construction of small to medium commercial development projects.
  • Rural for non-metro properties over 100 acres required for business.

Investment solutions

La Trobe Financial also offers investors the chance to buy into its $5.6 billion Credit Fund via the following products:

  • Classic Notice Account – invest in mortgage assets, Australian cash and other credit instruments.
  • 90 Day Notice Account – invest in mortgage assets, Australian cash and other credit instruments.
  • 12 month term account – diversified portfolio giving investors access to low volatility mortgage loans.
  • High Yield Credit Account –  investors can tap into credit investments that were previously only available to institutional and professional investors.
  • Select Investment Account – connects investors with creditworthy individuals and businesses looking for a loan.


  • Low doc loans
  • Large range of financing products for all situations
  • Guarantor loans for first home buyers
  • Does not use credit scoring to assess loans
  • Product solutions for international and ex pats.
  • Bridging loans
  • Good commercial lending solutions
  • Good range of investment products


  • High fees
  • Interest rates are less competitive than traditional banks
  • No branches
  • Maximum LVR is 80% of the property value