What home loans are on offer at ANZ?


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Owner-occupier home loan

Investor home loan

Fixed rate home loans

Variable rate home loans


Low doc home loan

Green home loans

Construction loans

95% LVR home loans

Bridging loans

Home loans with offset accounts

Home loans with redraws

Cashback offers

Digital home loans

Green home loans

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan is available at fixed rates for up to $80,000 for upgrades to make your property more energy efficient. These rates tend to be far lower than standard home loans.

The following are some examples of energy efficient upgrades that could qualify borrowers for a Good Energy home loan:

  • Heat pumps

  • Insulation

  • Glazing

  • Ventilation

  • Water heating systems

Low doc home loans

ANZ offer a streamlined verification process to help eligible self employed borrowers to be approved quicker. Customers who are a director and shareholder of their own company, who have paid themselves a regular wage for at least six months, could be eligible, if they provide the following.

  • A valid ABN/ACN which has been registered for 18 months

  • At least one payslip less than 60 days old

  • The most recent ATO income statement showing at least six months' worth of salary

Digital home loans

In late 2022, ANZ announced an ANZ Plus home loan on the digital platform. According to ANZx design and delivery manager Peter Dalton, home lending through the ANZ Plus app will allow customers to apply quickly, and potentially have approval within minutes.

“ANZ Plus home lending will allow customers to explore, apply and settle their loan with our mobile-first, end to end lending experience using the best of modern technology,” Mr Dalton said.

ANZ home loan review

Getting preapproval for a home loan at ANZ

As with most lending institutions, there are a few steps to getting approved for a home loan with ANZ

Identity documents

First of all, you’ll need to prove you are who you say you are. ANZ require two forms of personal identification, with at least one being photo ID, like a drivers licence or a passport. The following are also acceptable, per the ANZ website:

  • Birth or citizenship certificate

  • Centrelink pension card

  • Medicare card

  • Utilities bill (less than three months old)

  • Rates notice (less than three months old)

  • Tax assessment notice (less than 12 months old)

Proof of income and expenses

You will then need to demonstrate you will be able to repay your mortgage. If you are an employee, you can do this by providing your most recent payslips. Self employed people applying with ANZ might need to provide some of the following:

  • Personal tax return (not older than 22 ½ months) with accompanying ATO notice of assessment

  • AND business tax return, profit and loss statement and balance sheet (not older than 22 ½ months)

  • OR if you receive regular wages from your company, provide ATO Income statement showing at least 6 months' income via MyGov/ATO portal and one recent payslip (no older than 60 days).

If you receive income from other sources, like rental income or dividends, you also need to provide evidence.

You then also need to show your existing expenses and debts are not too great. ANZ can look at your bank statements to get a gage on this, but if your monthly expenses are lower than the Household Expenditure Measure (HEM) for your profile, ANZ will use the HEM estimate of your monthly expenses instead.

Responsible lending at ANZ

Finally, ANZ has further safeguards to prevent unacceptably risky loans being written. The bank is the only one of the big four to not introduce exceptions to the 3% serviceability buffer, so everyone applying for a home loan with ANZ needs to show their ability to repay the loan at 3 percentage points higher.

If your loan will be 6% p.a, ANZ will only approve you if your income and expenses could incorporate the loan at 9% p.a. ANZ also has a floor rate and will generally take the higher of the two when assessing your home loan application.

ANZ also enforces a Debt to Income (DTI) limit. Debt to income is measured comparing your total outstanding debts with your annual income. If you owe $450,000 on a home loan and $50,000 on a car loan, and earn a salary of $100,000 p.a, your debt to income ratio is 5, since your total outstanding debts are five times your annual income. At ANZ, the maximum debt to income ratio is currently 7.5.

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Home loan approval times at ANZ

ANZ publishes information about average home loan approval times. At the time of publication, the following wait times are standard for a loan to be approved at ANZ.


‘Simpler switch’-Like for like refinances that meet certain requirements

Simple application

Complicated application

New application

1 day

3 days

7 days

Additional documents

2 days

3 days

3 days

Once the loan has been approved, it typically takes another couple of days for documents to be prepared and finalised.

Cashback offers

ANZ is the only one of the big four banks that continues to have cash back offers to entice customers to refinance loans. At the time of publication a $2,000 cash back is currently on offer for eligible customers who switch to an ANZ loan with an outstanding balance that exceeds $250,000. Cashback can be claimed once per customer every 12 months, and is only available for loans where the LVR does not exceed 80%.