How to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer (QFF) points quickly

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One of the best things about having a Qantas points card is the fact that you don’t need to buy flights with it in order to build your points balance.

Every time you buy something with your credit card, you’re earning QFF points towards your next reward.

You might be tempted to go and apply for the first Qantas card that you see, but you should take some time to compare the market’s offerings before choosing the best option for you. And take two minutes to get up to speed with our guide to QFF:

InfoChoice Guide to QFF: How do QFF credit cards work?

They work pretty much like any other rewards credit card – you earn points for each dollar you spend. When you reach a certain balance of points, you can exchange them for flights, hotels and car hire. You can also spend points on regular retail items and even put them towards your health insurance.

Which banks offer Qantas cards?

As the QFF programme is one of the most popular schemes, lots of Australian credit card providers offer it.

You’ll find Qantas cards with the Big Four banks (NAB, Westpac, CommBank and ANZ), with American Express and also from smaller banks like Macquarie, Bankwest and even Woolworths and Jetstar.

Comparing Qantas credit cards made easy

Each QFF card will have its individual features, so it’s not a case of asking “Which card has the most bonus QFF points?” You need to look at several other factors before deciding on your ideal product. Here’s what you need to weigh up.

The points cap

Some cards might impose caps on your points balance so that you can’t earn any more beyond a certain point each month. Others reduce the rewards per dollar, while some let you earn unlimited points as long as you spend them within a time limit (usually 18 months).

Bonus points offers

Many cards have introductory points offers that give you thousands of extra points. You usually have to spend a certain amount within the first few months of taking out the card to earn this bonus, so make sure you can comfortably spend the money and pay it off by the due date. Each card has different target amounts and a different time frame, so choose a card that’s doable for you.

The earn rate

Don’t settle for just one point per dollar! Some cards will let you earn two points per dollar, while some offer three per dollar for particular platforms, shops or items.

Can you add a second cardholder?

If you can, you could be earning more points as two shoppers are better than one. As ever, make sure that you’re keeping your spending within safe limits. There’s no point earning all those points if you’re badly in debt and your credit rating suffers.

What are the annual fees?

If the annual fee on a card you’re looking at is huge, then it’ll eat into your earnings. Thankfully, there are plenty of cards on the market that have lower fees, or that waive their fees for the first year or so.

Tips for using a Qantas credit card

Pay off your balance each month, otherwise you’ll retain a balance that’ll attract a lot of interest which will effectively undo all the points you’ve earned.

Use as many of the perks and features as you can. Many Qantas cards come with frills like free travel insurance, airport lounge passes and discounts on hotels and other travel products. Look at what each card can offer you and work out roughly how much it’ll save you a year as a result.

Don’t forget the nuts and bolts. With all the fancy perks and airport lounges, it’s easy to overlook the basic but vital business of the interest rate, balance transfer rate and the annual fee. These factors are the difference between the card being worth it or not.

Get to know your QFF points partners. Qantas has a few partner stores, such as BWS, Woolworths and Caltex, so make sure you flash your plastic in these stores. There are also the online store opportunities, like Qantas’ Online Mall, where you can earn extra points in David Jones or Booktopia.

Don’t spend for the sake of it, because no matter how generous the points rewards are, you’ll be building up a credit card balance that’ll attract interest and this could overshadow your rewards. Remember, you may have 18 months or more to build up and spend your points balance, so spend smart.

Beware cash advance fees and immediate interest and you won’t earn any points on cash withdrawals/advances.

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