Orange-Optus switch: What it means for customers

Orange mobile phone customers have begun being transferred to Optus after Hutchison Telecom confirmed the sale of its Orange GSM mobile business to Cable & Wireless Optus.

Optus has always been the actual carrier for Orange's GSM customers with the service provided through Orange via a reselling agreement. Orange's CDMA subscribers are not affected and will remain with Orange.

For those unsure, the customers affected by this change are those who receive bills from Orange and whose mobile phone screen displays either ‘yes Optus' or ‘Optus'.

Those customers that are affected do not have to do anything until contacted by Optus via a letter or a phone call to discuss the options. It's expected it will take a few months to get to all customers.

Optus has not fully clarified what it wants to do with Orange customers, but here are the options as best as InfoChoice can establish at this time:

  • If not on a contract with Orange, you are free to change to any other carrier now, with no penalties but, of course, any outstanding Orange bill must be paid.
  • If on a contract with Orange and don't want to go to Optus, you will have to pay a disconnection/termination fee before changing to another provider.
  • If on a contract and agree to be transferred to Optus, there are two possibilities:
    1. Transfer to an Optus plan and sign up to a new contract with Optus. There is no Orange cancellation fee. You can take either a new handset & plan or use your existing handset on a SIM-only BYO plan.
    2. Transfer to an ‘Orange replica' Optus plan and keep your current Orange contract status, until that contract runs out. You can still decide later to switch over to an Optus plan as in option 1 at any time, pending a credit check.

For Orange Billing or customer service enquiries call 133 488
For Orange customers with questions about the transfer and how it effects you, call Optus's information line on 1300 133 546.

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