The best balance transfer deals

The best zero rate balance transfer deals now available, according to Infochoice, are the HSBC credit card – zero per cent for six months then 17.99 per cent, the Coles Group Source Mastercard – zero per cent for 6 months then 20.49 per cent and the Macquarie platinum Visa – zero per cent for six months then 20.7 per cent.

If you need longer than six months to pay off a balance, you could do worse than look at the ANZ Low Rate credit which gives you 18 months to pay off your debt at just 2.9 per cent, then reverts to a reasonable purchase rate of 13.49 per cent. Other good balance transfer deals are the Aussie Mastercard and the Citibank Silver card, both charging less than 3 per cent on transferred balances for 12 months.

Source: Courier Mail

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