Secured personal loans: How safe are they?

Are secured personal loans ‘safer’ than unsecured personal loans? A secured personal loan is ‘secured’ against an asset and therefore presents less risk for the [...]

POSTED ON February 27, 2020
Easy online personal loans in February

The best online loans have easy application, quick approval and fast funding. Here are some of the top online loans now available on InfoChoice. The [...]

POSTED ON February 10, 2020
How to get a fast, online personal loan today

If you’re looking for a personal loan then applying for one online could make the whole process quicker and easier. Online loan applications are not [...]

POSTED ON February 10, 2020
Same day personal loans

Which loans can you get approved for today?  There are plenty of unsecured personal loans you can apply for and possibly get approved for and [...]

POSTED ON January 30, 2020
How to get a fast, unsecured personal loan

If you need money fast, you are looking for an instant approval or fast approval unsecured personal loan. Unexpected bills, car repairs, holidays, renovations, furniture, [...]

POSTED ON January 10, 2020
How to pay off your personal loan faster

When you’re looking for a personal loan, as well as asking yourself “How much can I borrow?”, you also think about how long it’s going [...]

POSTED ON December 3, 2019
How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow, on either a home loan or a personal loan, depends on: Your total household income,Total household expenses, The value of [...]

POSTED ON November 18, 2019
Trending Financial News 18 November

Aussies set to trim spending this Christmas New research from St.George Bank suggests Aussie households are tightening their belts this Christmas with 43% of Aussies [...]

POSTED ON November 18, 2019
Trending Financial News 28 October

Pension Loans Scheme rates under review Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has announced a review of the interest rates charged by Centrelink’s Pension Loans Scheme. The current [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2019
Your guide to getting a great personal loan

Whether it’s for home improvements, debt consolidation, a second-hand car or the holiday of a lifetime, many Australians turn to a personal loan to help [...]

POSTED ON October 22, 2019
Trending Financial News 17 October

Payday lenders turn $600 into $3K debt Loan sharks and payday lenders selling expensive small loans to vulnerable consumers often reliant on welfare and Centrelink [...]

POSTED ON October 17, 2019
What does my credit score mean?

Your credit score is the rating that lenders, banks and any other institutions that may have to lend you money or enter into a contract [...]

POSTED ON October 9, 2019
What’s a good personal loan rate?

Your personal loan is a means to an end. Your way of achieving your dream – of a new (or used) car, a holiday, paying [...]

POSTED ON September 6, 2019
What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is part of a new wave of ‘Buy now, Pay later’ apps and online wallets that is sweeping the world. Afterpay allows you to [...]

POSTED ON July 22, 2019
How a personal loan helps save you money

It’s probably just a strange quirk of human nature, but many people would prefer to use a credit card for large expenses than take out [...]

POSTED ON July 3, 2019
Personal Loan Vs Car Loan: Pros & Cons

When you’re looking for a new car, you should always think about whether you need finance to buy it and what sort of finance you [...]

POSTED ON July 1, 2019
What to do when you can’t pay your debts

Falling behind with bills or instalments can be really stressful. But whether it’s through a loss of your job, a relationship breakdown or out-of-control credit [...]

POSTED ON June 7, 2019
How to get your personal loan approved

There’s no magic formula or trick to getting your personal loan application approved but there are some practical measures you can take to increase the [...]

POSTED ON May 27, 2019
Big changes ahead for small personal loans

The payday lending and consumer leasing industries faces an overhaul if the Government accepts the recommendations of the Review of Small Amount Credit Contract Laws. [...]

POSTED ON April 20, 2016
Are your loans giving you stress?

Financial stress in Australia is increasing. 32 per cent of Australian households are financially stressed according to a big new research project backed by Monash [...]

POSTED ON October 20, 2015
How get on top of personal debt

Get on top of your personal debts today. Each day that you let the debts accumulate the problem gets bigger. List all your debts and [...]

POSTED ON June 16, 2015
Personal loan vs home loan for renovations

Home owners wanting to finance renovations often refinance their home loan to access equity and fund their improvements. That gives them funds at the low [...]

POSTED ON February 20, 2015
Use a snowball to pay your loans and debts

Financial planner Peter Horsfield uses the snowball method to help couples get on top of the credit card and loan debts. For example a couple [...]

POSTED ON February 13, 2015
How do you pay your bills?

Australians will pay 350 million bills this year using the online bill payment service BPay. BPay is available from the internet banking service of almost [...]

POSTED ON March 7, 2014
Tips for overcoming debt stress

In Western Australia just over a third of the population are affected by debt stress. Getting on top of debt allows people to really forge [...]

POSTED ON May 2, 2013
Aussies paying down loans faster than ever

Households are continuing to pay their home loans back rapidly, in part by keeping repayments steady as interest rates fall. The RBA estimated that mortgage [...]

POSTED ON March 28, 2013
Personal loan versus credit card

Credit card or personal loan - which is the best way to borrow? Australians currently have almost $100 billion debt stacked up on credit cards [...]

POSTED ON March 12, 2013
Aussies are keeping on top of their debt

According to Dun & Bradstreet's Consumer Credit Expectations Survey, fewer people expect to increase their level of household debt this year. Expectations for household debt [...]

POSTED ON February 20, 2013
Debt consolidation can make life easier

Debt consolidation is rolling a group of debts - such as store cards and credit cards that typically have a high interest rate - into [...]

POSTED ON February 14, 2013
Aussies love debit for shopping

The latest data from strategic research firm RFi shows the use of debit cards has more than doubled in the last decade. RFi director Alan [...]

POSTED ON November 1, 2012
Loan calculators are worth a play

Financial journalist and author of Smarter Property Investment, Peter Cerexhe, says home owners should play with some numbers on online mortgage calculators like those at [...]

POSTED ON September 6, 2012
NAB proud of the break up campaign

When National Australia Bank's chief executive Cameron Clyne, took the job in January 2009, the bank's customer satisfaction rating was the lowest of the big [...]

POSTED ON August 28, 2012
Which account is right for the kids?

Opening a savings account for your child provides practical experience in saving. Primary age children are unlikely to need a transaction account, so look for [...]

POSTED ON July 31, 2012
NAB ban on over the limit fees popular

NATIONAL Australia Bank is the only big four bank to cut over-the-limit credit card fees for new and existing customers. New regulations, which came into [...]

POSTED ON July 12, 2012
Queenslanders CU giving $500 to switchers

If you are an existing mortgage holder with one of the banks who transfers to Queenslanders Credit Union you can have the usual Establishment Fee [...]

POSTED ON July 11, 2012
Account switching reforms come into force

From 1 July 2012, it will be easier for you to move your everyday transaction account from one financial institution to another. Here's how the [...]

POSTED ON June 29, 2012
Account switching to get easy in 2 weeks

Banks will soon be doing the dirty work for customers wanting to switch transaction accounts, with new reforms set to kick in from July 1. [...]

POSTED ON June 19, 2012
Mutuals say we provide better service

Credit unions and mutual banks have been responding to recent criticisms that they are not providing a realistic alternative to the big banks. “Credit unions [...]

POSTED ON May 18, 2012
Cheque fees tipped to rise

Fees will rise for the dwindling band of cheque users, the Australian Payments Clearing Association noted yesterday. “Users may be charged fees as a result [...]

POSTED ON May 16, 2012
NAB commits to having lowest SVR

National Australia Bank (NAB) chief executive Cameron Clyne said more rate cuts are expected. “We're likely to see another 50 basis points of cuts over [...]

POSTED ON May 14, 2012
NAB continues to attract switchers

National Australia Bank chief executive Cameron Clyne said the bank continued to grow its number of mortgage customers. “We've seen substantial switching over the last [...]

POSTED ON May 10, 2012
Account fees and mobile access is most important

Banks looking to improve their retail customer satisfaction scores should get rid of monthly account-keeping fees and improve their mobile phone access. Banking researcher RFi [...]

POSTED ON March 28, 2012
NAB customers open accounts on their mobile

NAB’s UBank clients can open their own account with no help from staff in less than five minutes. UBank has more than 200,000 account holders [...]

POSTED ON March 15, 2012
Cash advances charging up to 29 per cent

One of the biggest traps with credit cards is easy access to cash said Saskia ten Dam, President of the Financial Counsellors Association of Queensland. [...]

POSTED ON March 13, 2012
Now is the time to compare and switch loans

With the big four banks increasing their lending rate, now's the time to start making moves to get a better deal from your lender. “Our [...]

POSTED ON February 22, 2012
AMP reports net profits down 11 per cent

AMP has reported an 11 per cent fall in its full-year net profit to $688 million. The company today said while its net profit had [...]

POSTED ON February 16, 2012
Small lenders take a bite from big four

Smaller mortgage lenders are snatching a greater share of the home loan market, according to big mortgage broker AFG. Non-bank lenders secured nearly a quarter [...]

POSTED ON January 10, 2012
NAB customers to smell the difference

NAB opened the first of its new-style branches at 800 Bourke Street, Docklands, in Melbourne on Monday, with three more stores to open in Melbourne [...]

POSTED ON January 10, 2012
One Big Switch is one big fizzer

In the six months since One Big Switch launched its campaign to help borrowers lower their mortgages, only 1,600 homeowners have secured a better deal, [...]

POSTED ON January 5, 2012
Family relationships rule the finances

The most popular New Year's resolution, according to the FranklinCovey Group, is "improve my financial situation". In most relationships, there's the person who sweats the [...]

POSTED ON January 5, 2012
Country students get $10K for Uni

Country kids can now test their eligibility for the lucrative Relocation Scholarship at Centrelink's website. Previously available only to students from very remote and outer [...]

POSTED ON January 3, 2012
Families get big payrises

From January 1, 650,000 families will reap a huge windfall gain as a result of big increases in family tax and other payments for teenage [...]

POSTED ON January 3, 2012
Debt worries hit young people

Eighty-two per cent of Australians are concerned about their ability to meet future debt repayments, according Veda Advantage. There was a 75 per cent increase [...]

POSTED ON December 30, 2011
ASIC to crackdown on asset values

Financial service providers could come under scrutiny from the corporate regulator in 2012, experts say. ASIC will focus on ensuring companies report the true value [...]

POSTED ON December 28, 2011
CBA Kaching to get better in 2012

Commonwealth Bank's Commbank Kaching app is now available to download free from the AppStore. Commbank Kaching enables Commonwealth Bank customers to make peer-to-peer payments using [...]

POSTED ON December 23, 2011
Most Aussies worried about loan repayments

82 per cent of Australians are worried about their ability to meet future debt repayments, according to Veda, up from 75 per cent a year [...]

POSTED ON December 21, 2011
Credit unions give bad advice to customers

The Mutual Banking Code Compliance Committee issued its annual report yesterday, which reported widespread failure in several key compliance areas. Seven out of 10 mutuals [...]

POSTED ON December 20, 2011
NAB advises of xmas payment delays

National Australia Bank issued an advisory to customers yesterday. "Funds transfers and bill payments submitted after the published cut-off times on Friday 23 December 2011 [...]

POSTED ON December 20, 2011
Auction results hit new low in Sydney

Sydney's auction clearance rate hit a new record low for the year this weekend and the median price of houses sold at the weekend collapsed [...]

POSTED ON December 19, 2011
ANZ eStatements hacked and offline

ANZ says it could take several weeks to fix the disabled eStatements function of its internet banking. A security magazine alerted ANZ to a technical [...]

POSTED ON December 16, 2011
NSW leads the refinancing boom

The latest official home loan approval figures for October 2011 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show a 17 per cent rise in refinancing activity [...]

POSTED ON December 14, 2011
Ombudsman vows to get tough on lenders

The Credit Ombudsman Service has issued a position statement on responsible lending, claiming it will "get tough" on lenders. Ombudsman Raj Venga said the guide [...]

POSTED ON December 14, 2011
Most Aussies don’t want mobile payments

60 per cent of Australians aren't willing to use their mobile phones as digital wallets, according to KPMG, compared with 34 per cent globally. Only [...]

POSTED ON December 13, 2011
Greater, NAB & online lenders make splash in 2011

In the mortgage market, Greater Building Society, spruiked by Jerry Seinfeld, has been making waves with big rate cuts. Internet sites, and [...]

POSTED ON December 12, 2011
New responsible lending rules explained

The National Consumer Credit Protection Act has imposed responsible lending obligations on lenders and their credit representatives for the first time. The aim is to [...]

POSTED ON December 9, 2011