Merrill Lynch HSBC adds ASX Express Trader

Merrill Lynch HSBC have added a tool, called ASX Express Trader to their online trading service that reduces the time taken for investors to enter trade details via their order entry screen and leaves the order entry screen open while they navigate through the site. This function compliments Merrill Lynch HSBC's existing straight through processing technology. For example, when an investor is reviewing stock information for BHP, the stock order screen is pre – populated with BHP reducing the time taken to place an order and allowing investors to complete the details of their trade while watching the market at the same time.

While online brokers have embarked on large direct marketing campaigns in the past whilst building a large client base, we can expect increasing attention devoted to the needs of current clients. This is an example where client feedback has been incorporated into the Merrill Lynch HSBC service to enhance the speed in placing a trade and usability of the website. So don't hesitate to contact your online broker with suggested service improvements, your wish may come true.