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Harrison is a Financial Analyst and Editor at InfoChoice. Prior to joining the InfoChoice Group in January 2020, he worked for some of Australia's largest comparison sites and media organisations.

With a keen interest in the economy, housing policy, and personal finance, Harrison strives to deliver and edit news and guides that are engaging, thought-provoking, and simple to read.

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Harrison Astbury

Tenant Selection Checklist: Finding the Perfect Fit for Landlords

If you want to become a property investor, one of the key ways to make money is through tenants - but how do you start? Here...

22 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

Bank Hardship Assistance: How to Claim Help

Have you unexpectedly hit some financial difficulties paying your bills and meeting your expenses? You might be in financial hardship and you could be eligib...

16 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

What are the penalties for breaking a term deposit early?

Term deposits are a secure and predictable investment vehicle as long as you don't close the account or withdraw funds early - but what are the penalties for...

12 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

RBA fence-sitting leads to lenders hedging their bets on home loans

An RBA cash rate hold and a refusal to rule out, or rule-in, further rate hikes has led to quite a few lenders adjusting rates slightly on home loans.

09 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

What does my credit score mean and how does it work?

Your credit score is the rating that lenders, banks and any other institutions that may have to lend you money or enter into a contract with you use to deter...

07 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

What's the RBA got cooking up for the cash rate in February?

The Reserve Bank is all but certain to hold the cash rate at February's monetary policy board meeting, according to a near-unanimous view of economists and e...

05 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

How does a home loan for Expats, Temporary Visas or Non-residents work?

Whether you’re an expat or a non-resident of Australia, it’s possible to get a home loan but your options might ...

05 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

Average home loan size rockets to $624k, renters' hands forced

New ABS data showed the value of new home loans fell 4.1% to $26.27 billion in December but the average loan size for owner occupiers hit a new record of $62...

02 Feb 2024
Harrison Astbury

Quest for growth: Macquarie Bank reprices variable-rate home loans

Following moves on fixed rates last week, Macquarie Bank has slashed rates on a wide variety of variable-rate home loans. Is this a signal of things to come?...

30 Jan 2024
Harrison Astbury

The term deposit downhill slide continues

This week, customer-owned banks such as Bank Australia and Move varied term deposit rates, while other leaders such as Judo and Macquarie Bank continued wiel...

25 Jan 2024
Harrison Astbury

Why the negligible difference in interest rates between deposit sizes?

Over the past few months, the interest rate margins have narrowed on those borrowing more than 80% of their property's value and less than 80%, with fewer in...

24 Jan 2024
Harrison Astbury

ME Bank fined $820,000 by ASIC over home loan issues

Corporate regulator ASIC has ordered ME Bank pay a fine of $820,000 after it misled customers on home loan notices and failed to provide notice on interest r...

19 Jan 2024