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Harrison is a Financial Analyst and Editor at InfoChoice. Prior to joining the InfoChoice Group in January 2020, he worked for some of Australia's largest comparison sites and media organisations.

With a keen interest in the economy, housing policy, and personal finance, Harrison strives to deliver and edit news and guides that are engaging, thought-provoking, and simple to read.

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Harrison Astbury

Recent first home buyers the most imprisoned to their mortgage

Data from mortgage brokers Lendi shows recent first home buyers are most likely to face a mortgage prison, and they can't refinance because of their high LVR...

30 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

How personal loans can boost your credit score

You often need a good credit rating to access the most competitive personal loans, but why not put the cart before the horse? Here’s how personal loans...

26 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

How to get a personal loan with an average credit rating

If your credit score isn’t the cream of the crop, you might face a higher loan interest rate, however a secure loan could be the remedy.

23 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

RBA minutes indicate more rate rises could be on the way

RBA minutes from its May monetary policy meeting hint at more potential rate rises on the way, which coincides with NAB forecasting a peak rate of 4.15% with...

16 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

How to get a personal loan for bad credit

Finding personal loans if you have a poor credit history can be tricky but there are plenty of loans here that just about anyone with provable income c...

15 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

ING and BOQ continue savings account rate war, bonus conditions stay

Over the past week several heavy hitters in the savings account space such as ING, BOQ and Great Southern Bank have continued pushing rates north of 5% p.a. ...

11 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

A boring budget for an interesting time in personal finance

ANALYSIS: Off the back of strong commodity prices and heightened tax receipts, the Federal Budget is returning to surplus, and some of the benefits are set t...

10 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

CBA to scrap cashback offers as credit crunch begins

Australia's largest bank announced it will scrap its cashback offer from 1 June, which could be followed by other banks.

09 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

Combining Car Loan with Mortgage

You might have looked at your mortgage rate and seen it’s much lower than your car loan rate, so why not roll it into your mortgage? Here’s what ...

08 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

Westpac joins 5% savings account club

Off the back of the RBA's May cash rate increase, Westpac moved to become the first major offering a savings account beginning with a 5.

04 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

Banks suffer rate fatigue

Banks have been slower to announce rate increases off the back of the RBA's May cash rate increase, taking more than 24 hours to do so.

04 May 2023
Harrison Astbury

Refinancing hits a record high as tsunami begins

03 Apr 2023